As one of the iconic fashion hubs in the world, they proudly claim that “La France, c’est où se passe la mode” or “France is where fashion happens”. Day 9 at Fide Fashion Week showcased some of the French designers’ works, which frankly, had high platform shoes to fill after the amazing Guo Pei bewitched the audience the night before. We give a breakdown:

1. On Aura Tout Vu

Known for their quirky avant garde styles (think Lady GaGa-esque), we were looking forward to the French duo’s collection. Incidentally, On Aura Tout Vu designed limited edition off-the-rack tee shirts specially for FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013.

On Aura Tout Vu showed 3 mini collections – but one could see the congruence in all 3, with their signature mix of unconventional materials with their use of soft flowy fabric. Tim Gunn & his team on Project Runway would be proud.

The first mini collection mixed transparent raincoat-like material juxtaposed with the bright colours of the satin fabric. We found this bordering on strange and not so much I-WANNA-WEAR-THIS.

We adored their second mini collection. Emcee Utt first gave a mini introduction to the audience to the dynamic duo’s collection by telling the audience that On Aura Tout Vu had paid a small village of people to consume more beetles than they usually did – all in the name of harvesting those precious beetle wings that were the main components of their clothes. Like we said, unconventional. The result is gaspingly beautiful mix of bluish-green hues that inspires the colours of the collection, either as a singular hue in the garment, or a standout piece.

The final mini collection had elements of sports wear (think visors, gloves) but we loved that it was structured to give a fierce look. Plastic elements and ombre palettes added to the almost confusing collection. But together as a whole, it was cohesive and playful. Emily Huang, one half of the #FideFW’s founding partners made a cameo (with 4 topless men carrying her in, no less) to the surprise of the audience (no wonder we didn’t see her in the front row). She donned a bridal inspired mini bustier dress with a skirt made out of clear plastic structures, which gave an ethereal fairy-like snowflake look.

As a whole, On Aura Tout Vu wanted to challenge peoples’ perspectives on typical textiles that go into clothes – and they did just that with their design aesthetic. We’re not too sure about wearing it though, and will graciously leave it up to Lady GaGa.

2. Julien Fournié

The fabulous Frenchman is an effervescent character adorning everyone with air kisses and photobombing everyone’s pictures. When asked about a girl’s 3 essentials, he replied: “A smart tuxedo suit, boots as high as your hose (hosiery) and… your husband’s credit of course, darling!” 

With his collaboration with Love, Bonito, we were of course excited for his collection… and were therefore disappointed when it was a pretty sombre affair, much unlike his colourful self.

Fournié’s collection celebrated beauty in grim and dark settings, as can be seen from the deep hues of brown and black with the occasional pale affair. Nonetheless, close scrutiny showed beautiful detail and structure in every piece – and mind you, he made gorgeous long gowns with pleats, panels and ruffles. Our favourite for the night was a gown with a sheer lacey top and a gorgeous ombre skirt that moved with every step.

Our favourite for the night!

Julien Fournié

Tragic, you say? Well, one’s gotta look gorgeous in the face of tragedy, too.


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Photo Credits: #FideFW