Most of us would be familiar with Timberland‘s iconic yellow boots as seen on Hollywood stars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. Take it from us, you don’t have to be a star to rock those classic, waterproof boots. Not only do they have 40 years of heritage behind them, they are also known to be extremely hardy and perfect for adventure.

We take some style advice from the street. It seems like black is boring and kaleidoscope of colours is the way to go these days. We take a leaf out of the pages of style gurus, Denny Balmeceda and Destiny Odeh, who have paired their bright, eye-catching blazers with a sturdy pair of rugged booties.

Style Icon: Denny Balmaceda

Style Icon: Destiny Odeh

Our very own local style icon, Lionnel Lim, who has many fashion accolades under his belt, taught the crowd how to work these bad beauties. Simple tips such as customizing the laces, pairing it with hip socks, go some way into helping one develop their own sense of style when donning the classic Timberland boots.

A wise man once said: “Work the boots, don’t let the boots work you.” Yes, that’s definitely something we see in Landon McGregor’s get-up with his cuffed-up jeans shorts, fire engine red socks peeping out of his boots, crisp striped nautical shirt and topping it all off with a baseball cap. Chic.

Style Icon: Lionnel Lim

Style Icon: Landon McGregor

Let’s not leave out the girls. Whoever said boots are chunky and are only suited for guys, has failed to score a fashion goal. We can’t begin to emphasize how a tinge of masculinity oozes swag. Take a look at Lidia from Russia, and dare you tell us that she doesn’t score hype points for her outfit below? We think not.

Style Icon: Lidia

Style Icon: Olga Kosterina

Featured image courtesy of the stylish Sietske L., from Netherlands.

For more information about Timberland’s boots, check out their site.