Before we begin, let me dispel a few common misconceptions about New Zealand. No, it’s not just all sheep and fat hobbits. Yes, people walk around barefoot (even in the dead of winter). No, it’s not one geographical country, it’s actually made up of two islands. But that’s irrelevant.

New Zealand is home to a growing and increasingly international fashion and arts scene that’s, apparently, supported by the government as well. *ahem*Singapore*ahem* Singapore is home to (correct me if I’m wrong, the last time I checked) only one NZ designer (betcha didn’t even know our little island had any NZ fashion brands) – Karen Walker. But she’s too Americanized and I’m pedantic so I won’t count that in our ‘Kiwi’ fashion line-up. Call it alternative, grunge or indie — we love some of the brands here but we won’t spoil it for you now. We need more Kiwi brands in Singapore and the rest of NZFW will show you why.


While the majority of the fashion world gears up for NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on September 5 or contemplates the proverbial September Issue, we cast our eyes on a fashion event a bit more independent and kept away from the rest of the world. Because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, designers here churn out A/W collections while the rest of the fashion set roll out S/S runways. But I’ve lived in Singapore all my life, and I’ve always had trouble following the seasons — you can imagine why. Fashion may be seasonal but style is personal. I really don’t give a toss what season is showing, so all fashion is relevant to me.

We won’t bore you with more details so here’s a pictorial diary of Day 1 at the opening ceremony:

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Featured image: AJ, Zakk, Mika (L-R)