Clearly the highlight of the Festival, the closing show with Hussein Chalayan that showcased his Autumn/Winter collection did not disappoint. Drawing a number of oohs and aahs from the audience and sending photographers into a frenzy in a bid to capture his collection as the models strut down the runway, the collection revolved around precisely-structured pieces but with a rebellious vibe lurking underneath.

The collection began with an array of overtly dark and boxy pieces with a rebellious edge, cementing Chalayan’s claim to fame as the man who can turn chaos into wearable fashion.

We (and the crowd) loved this oddly-structured but beautiful jacket with raw denim jeans, upturned at the ends just for that extra fashion statement.

Keeping in line with the simple theme of jackets and jeans, this look featured an interesting idea to weave in, literally, a scarf and coat folds into the structure of the jacket itself and paired it with denim skinny jeans.

The theme began to see a shift at this point with this model wearing a black knit with “peeling wallpaper” pants, with each piece painstakingly laser-cut out of silk and put together to create the effect. The attention to detail is apparent as the little red detailing on the jacket is paired with the exact same shade of eye-popping booties.

The “peeling wallpaper” got to take centre-stage in this outfit once again. What looked like chaotic art from a distance turned into breath-taking detailing as the model got closer and just in case you thought Chalayan was getting too precise and structured, a glimpse was caught of the side of the dress that was done up in a totally contrasting multi-coloured fabric of smooth texture.

Chalayan continued to play with the chaotic mixture of colours and patterns but paired them with a strong, structured fabric to get that well-finished final look. The pieces of fabric were masterfully put together with each and every seam in perfect place to create the final palette of colours that would frame the model.

A highlight of the collection was this simple and elegant piece, but like the preceding pieces, was underscored with an acute attention to detailing and seam lines to turn a simple fabric into a textured and layered garment.

The Audi Fashion Festival officially ended with the man of the hour himself stepping out onto the runway to take a bow for his artfully-crafted collection and the crowd responded with a well-deserved round of applause for Hussein Chalayan.