Remind me once again to get back my social life.

Apparently, Bryanboy was in Singapore for a short two-day period beginning April 31 to have a lil’ fun in the sunny island. (We did not hear of any press events happening for him while he is here — or we just don’t know about it yet.)

He also had a pretty cute boy next to him — some say it’s his boyfriend but he has not confirmed it publicly. We don’t care. We just love seeing two eye candies on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, Bryan snapped up a storm in Singapore while he was here. He took artsy photos of Chinatown, pigged out on chicken rice and Tiger beet at Maxwell Food Centre, tried some chilli crabs, went to enVie de Pois — you know, the typical Singaporean fashionista-tourist life. Time to let the pics do the talking: here are our top picks of photos from Bryanboy’s visit! width=640]

“En route to Changi” — and probably the procession for Singapore’s shield from possible North Korea attacks width=640]

“Singapore Chinatown” — angled, because life is always better at 15°. width=640]

“Bloody Mary” — you betta werk that chair, hunneh! width=640]

“Chicken lllice situation” — HE EVEN DOES THE ACCENT OMFG width=640]

“Tiger situation” — come on now, this is just way too flawless. Especially in that shirt. #totesfash width=640]

“Bugis bitches” — cc. BHG & Canon PR teams; you fellas don’t need to spend any more money on ads. THIS IS YOUR AD. Also: awwwwwwww. width=640]

“Kisses to the staff of Topshop Singapore! Love you all” — omagerd lewk at theze smexy fly Tawpshawp gurrrrllllzzzzz width=640]

“Size Queens end up having crabs!!!” — eh, the last time I went there, the crabs weren’t that big leh… or, maaaaaaaybe… width=640]

“In some cultures I’m considered as a chubby chaser. Buddha Buddha Buddha boom boom!” — I can’t even with this. Too flawfree. width=640]

“Difference between 6’5 and 5’9.” — also: hello there, tall fella.

Come again soon, dahhhhling! We have a sneaky feeling we’ll see him for Chanel’s Cruise show in Singapore. ;)