When I think ‘Juicy Couture’, I think velvet tracksuits, Paris Hilton (and that poor, scrawny, over-exposed Chihuahua of hers, Tinkerwhotsits that started a media storm when she decided to make a dash for it back in godknowswhen – has she been found yet?), and cougars who mill around the gym carrying useless diet shakes like tottering around in psychedelic sponge wedges and wrapping terry cloth caps around their crowns, gossiping away their hubby’s gym membership credit will help their bodies magically unsag (ha-ha, as if they aren’t there for the perky gym boys).

Which is why we are glad that, since LeAnn Nealz took over the reigns at Juicy Couture in 2010, the brand has seen a definite upswing in taste and their kaleidoscope of tracksuits has taken a graceful bow out of the limelight (relax, they’re not completely gone). I have nothing against tracksuits, but personally I think velvet should stay on throws or deer antlers because it’s a generally unflattering fabric that catches the light at the most awkward angles and gives you curves in places you didn’t know you had – not something you want to be reminded of at the gym. If you actually wear Juicy tracksuits to gym.

I digress.

We love what LeAnn Nealz has done with Juicy Couture’s fashion sense. She’s like the cooler, more sophisticated older sister you never had that stepped in when you were a kid trying on your first Paris Hilton look and went ‘NAHT’. Makes me realize why, when I look back at most of my (un)fashionable youth, I shake my head and go “What were you thinking?”.

So we were invited to the press preview of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection (that is available NOW, yes NOW, this month!) that featured a mini film for this year’s campaign directed by Zoe Cassavetes spotlighting the entire collection in a whopping… 140 seconds. Basically, Candice Swanepoel (THAT Victoria’s Secret model) in heavy eye make-up flirts disinterestedly with the camera in a corner of a room wallpapered in Juicy emblems… alone… on a pink ottoman… with a hand mirror… playing with… bubbles. Is it just me or did 140 seconds capture the essence of the ditzy American blonde perfectly?

Anyway, Nealz’s Juicy Couture has evolved itself from impractical tracksuits to cute rompers, color-block skater dresses and retro jackets with a smidgeon of class and rock & roll in their new line of accessories. All-in-all, it is a very breezy, easy to wear collection that any girl can rock in hot and sweltering Singapore.

We like how the brand has loosely adapted characteristics of the Californian Los Angeles girl in a ready-to-wear collection that revolves around the 80’s pin-up beach/nautical theme. It’s sexy, playful and flirty without being plastic.

We also like how they have spun out a line for Juicy kids to match their glamorous moms/sisters (Ngawwwww). We can totes imagine little Singaporean Suri Cruises tottering down Orchard Rd with their Katie Cruise-Holmes (has she gone back to Holmes yet?) moms.

Too bad Juicy’s done away with their menswear line (I bet you’re going “JUICY HAD A MENSWEAR LINE?!” right now – yeah kiddos, it was called ‘Dirty English’ back in the days), we would have liked to see how it evolved as well. But then again, any guy wearing the words ‘JUICY’ embroidered over his behind would be the wrong man for me. Just sayin’.

For a quick ‘eye-do’ of their new collection, visit: www.juicycouture.com

Watch Swanepoel prance about in all her Juicy uninspired glory:

Picture credits to Juicy Couture.