If you have not heard of the Tumblr blog “What The Fuck You Wearing Today?“, well, you’re not exactly living under a rock. It took us a beep from someone who was featured on the site to discover this anti-fashion blog that seems to mirror the style of the Look At This Fucking Hipster Tumblr blog, with punchy commentary into photos of Singapore’s fashion set. With a who’s who of bloggers (e.g. Darren Ang, Shane Tan), fashionistas (e.g. Linda Hao, Nathaniel Ng) and fashion journalist Rohaizatul Azhar on the list of ‘victims’, WTFYWT is leaving no stone unturned in chronicling some of the styles out there — and that includes a post on socialite Suzanna Han as well. (She looks to be wearing Mary Katrantzou in the piece but we are not sure we remember that outfit styled like that…)

Before this blog catapults itself to dizzying heights like blasting some more people (we like to be positive about brand developments), we shamelessly showed our overeager selves to Twitter — buoyant mood largely aided by a great invite we received to attend the launch of DOM Lounge in Marina Bay Sands — to, well, ask the masked self for an interview:

To which, he/she replied:

Knowing that this was our only chance to interview The Masked One plus the fact that OMG HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CAN WE ACTUALLY DO THIS OVER TWITTER, we went full steam ahead. If tl;dr is how you roll, just know that 1) homophobia is such an abrasive running gag that it borders on disturbing (read: possible army boy speak), 2) the founder of Poshism has been likened to that of a Tibetan paedophile and 3) you know who the WTFYWT creator is but he/she just hasn’t shown his/her face yet. Ooooooh.

Let’s roll with the gender uncertainty (oh, how fashion-like, androgyny et al.) and them questions!

Oh, how we love a troll who can’t answer two questions in one tweet. And he’s in fashuuuun! (We’re positive it’s a ‘he’ because, hey, no lesbian jokes? C’mon!) We need a mimosa sesh with this fella.

No one has screamed “Libel!” over WTFYWT yet but some people have sounded off over the account. Daniela Monasterios Tan, part of the design collective Mash-Up which ‘victim’ Nathaniel Ng is involved as well, ranted on Twitter, “I find it gross that my feeds are full of people laughing at it. It’s cyber bullying. It’s easy to be mean. Why stoop to it? If someone took a photo of me without permission and made fun of it using a personal comment, I wouldn’t find it very funny.”

In reply to Daniela, Bryan (one of those featured on the blog) said, “I just feel compelled to laugh the blog off as a desperate plea for attention… but it is true that people have been hurt and that’s not cool!” Rohaizatul tweeted, “I’m surprised they chose a normal look and not my MANY other craycray outfits. Some captions are mean! I’m fine la. I mean if I can dish criticisms, I must be able to take it oso (sic).”

Popspoken understands that several people featured on the site are not happy with WTFYWT’s actions. Whatever the case may be for the blog’s future, the creator knows that people will be watching and attending the same events he will be at, hearing gossip about WTFYWT and at times, being in sutations where a reaction is needed. This just feels like that entire “Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl” thing all over again.

To the rest of us mere mortals, better start locking those pictures on social media.

Screengrab: WTFYWT