Digital Fashion Week 2012 has come to a resounding close! The dust has settled, the celebrities have left – what we are left with are the photos and videos of the first ever live-streaming fashion week. Internationally-acclaimed Chinese Haute Couturier, Guo Pei charmed guests with 26 eye-catching pieces from her “Ci” couture collection at the finale of Digital Fashion Week.

Guo Pei is such hot property that her elaborately crafted works have been sought after by celebrities such as Lady Gaga. In fact, she was ranked No. 6 in American Fast Company‘s “Top 100 Most Creative People in Business (2011)”, and was awarded the first prize for dress design by the Organizing Committee of Beijing Olympic Games (2008).

Front row: Sophie Sumner & Patricia Field

Front row: Sophie Sumner & Patricia Field

The models adorning Guo Pei’s embellished ensembles seem to have walked out from a fabulous fantasy. Each ensemble is a piece of art that has achieved finesse beyond one’s wildest dreams. As Guo Pei aptly puts it, “I wish to wake up those careless eyes that missed the chance of witnessing true perfection.”

It is no wonder that Guo Pei has been hailed as a “national treasure”, especially since she has stayed true to her Chinese roots with the use of traditional oriental designs in every single one of her collections. Guo Pei’s oriental jewels have been painstakingly handcrafted by Rose Studio, which comprises a talented team of 450 members.

Pieces from her “China Wedding Gown” collection mesmerized the audience with her use of exquisite traditional Chinese embroidery and subtle hints of romanticism. The use of poetic imagery  evident in the intricate patterns of the couple’s wedding gown (below), is a predominant theme that flows through her collection. This is a result of embroidery condensing history, as it is steeped with cultural elements since the craft was discovered 3,000 years ago.


Guo Pei’s gowns are a melting pot of international workmanship – the gold thread had been sourced from Japan, elements of European ornamental craft were incorporated and paired with Indian embroidery crafts. The resulting piece of wearable art was meticulously put together by Rose studio’s fervent workers, and  is undoubtedly the epitome of Chinese high fashion.

Ever heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule? Gladwell asserts that the key to success is to spend at least 10,000 hours on a certain task. Evidently, Guo Pei far exceeds his measurement of success. She has once spent 50,000 hours making a single dress. Guo Pei pours so much heart and soul into her collection as she rationalizes that her time spent on a dress is “one in a thousand” in her life, but for her client – the dress is the most precious moment, and it deserves to attain 100% perfection.

Andrej Pejic ended off the show with Guo Pei’s piece from the “Legend of the Dragon” collection. Elements of the dragon are clear, as seen from the billowy red cloth that trailed which seemed to resemble an elegant tail. The jewelled head gear that was paired with the outfit had a life on its own – up close, it was simply breathtaking. Indeed, each dress of Guo Pei’s tells a unique story, and each person who puts on her piece instantly becomes the star of the show.


All images in this post are taken by Popspoken. For backstage action at the Guo Pei ‘Ci’ couture show, check out the pictures in our Facebook album.