Some things in life are an inevitable let-down. That new cafe that boasts the best Eggs Benedict but the yolks don’t run; the book that ends with a cliffhanger; that Salted Caramel Frappe from Starbucks; that nail colour that OPI said was “That’s Hot! Pink” but wasn’t; and the mother of all let-downs: ADAM LEVINE IS NO LONGER SINGLE AGAIN.

But for every let-down in life, we can take comfort in the Tagger bag that never fails. To quote an acquaintance who spied me proudly slinging my Tagger bag, “this bag is really durable and waterproof.” And it is. With the current schizophrenic weather in Singapore, you can never be sure when the skies will decide to let loose a flood of tears. The Tagger bag is made of hardy and waterproof material, so naturally it can withstand weather that goes through more emotional cycles than any high-strung female with alcohol.

Since 2003, Peter van Veldhoven came up with the concept of an instant customizable product & 2 years later, the first Tagger Messenger Bag was conceived in the Netherlands using high quality materials, expressive colours and designs at affordable prices.

“As a designer, I have always been inspired by graffiti, hip-hop and other trends in modern culture. All these forms of expression have a really strong message in them. Behind this message is always an individual. Each person is unique, but to be unique in modern day society is challenging. Trends come and go and almost everybody follows, only a few take the lead and stand out. This is what inspired me to design the first Tagger bag. It allows you to break with static, embrace dynamic and express your individuality.”

Completely customizable and interchangeable, Tagger bags – Dutch designed messenger bags and backpacks – are all about individual style and choice. With a collection inspired by street art and culture, you can Build your own bag™ in just seconds by combining the parts. The parts click, stick and zip (ZIP360°™), which allows you to (re)customize the bag at any time!

My personal experience with building my own Tagger bag was a smooth-sailing one. From a range of backpacks, messenger bags and sleeves, I picked out the original Tagger Messenger: Crew Bag. The next step involved choosing the (1) bag flap, (2) bag colour and (3) strap colour & tadah! Your Tagger bag is ready for shipping, fully customized to your personality. For the fickle-minded, do not fear, you can select and change the colours of the various components till you’re completely satisfied. Tagger’s wide range of bag flap designs made it a difficult decision to have one favourite but I finally settled on the Splatt BSLY, together with a Red main body and a Black strap.

Tagger Crew Messenger Bag in Splatt BSLY, Red Bag, Black Strap  Size: 13,5″ (w) x 10,5″ (h) x 5,5″ (d) 34cm x 27cm x 14cm

Tagger Crew Messenger Bag in Splatt BSLY, Red Bag, Black Strap
Size: 13,5″ (w) x 10,5″ (h) x 5,5″ (d)
34cm x 27cm x 14cm

At Tagger, they don’t call it “Build Your Own” for nothing. For those aspiring builders whose dreams never extended beyond lego blocks, the arrival of your Tagger bag gives you the chance to reminisce by putting your bag together – flap to bag, straps to buckle. Heck, even your little 4-year-old nephew could do it. My Tagger Crew Messenger can fit a 15″ laptop easily, notebooks, books, clothes, and even slippers easily.

The splash of colour that Tagger bags are associated with brightens up your outfit on a casual day out, and promises to be that hardy friend through thick and thin when rain, dust and grime come knocking. With that said, one wonders how a messenger bag like Tagger’s will be able to go with say, a floral dress, or formal wear for that matter? (suggestions, anyone?)

Should you wish to spruce up the bag one day, you can simply buy a new flap/bag colour/strap colour instead of a whole new bag to give it that new look for a fraction of the price. Also, to reward that pesky 4-year-old nephew for assembling your bag, why not get him his very own Kids Backpacks in various colours and cuddly animal characters?


If you’re looking for a bag that represents the edgy, artistic and fun side of you – look no further. If you’re looking for that companion that does not disappoint and lives up to your high expectations – choose Tagger.

Good news for Taggerfans in Singapore! The Tagger team has recently added SGD (Singapore Dollars) to their payment options. This means that Tagger will ship to Singapore, whoop whoop!

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