Patricia Field, snazzy personality and legendary stylist of Sex and the City, Ugly Better, the Devil Wears Prada is in town for Digital Fashion Week 2012. Supermodels Andrej Pejic and Sophie Sumner will be storming the runway at Millenia Pavillion, Ritz Carlton from October 20-22, 2012.

Digital Fashion Week is the first-ever live streaming fashion week in the world! The ground-breaking event will marry fashion with technology – viewers from all over the world will be able to order ensembles featured on the runway from the comfort of their own home.

What inspires you? 

Patricia: Hmm.. (Long pause) Mainly my brain, honestly. The little bits of information in my brain, the little bits of data that have been piling up from all those years. I’m not a researcher, I don’t really follow designers. If you would ask me, what does Balaneciaga look like this season, I cannot tell  you.

I’m not a reporter, I’m not an editor, I just like what looks good to me. I sell it in my store, I put it on TV. Gucci, the fashion expressions that I see coming out of them. I admire certain designers who are certain fashion celebrities, but i cant say i’m inspired by them. I’m really just putting these tiny bits of information together.

Which designer do you admire the most?

Patricia: There are several that I admire for different reasons. For the 20th century, Chanel modernised the skirt, period. Before her, people wore long dresses. That’s over, thank god! I totally respect her. I love Thierry Mugler, I love his shows – spectacular, it’s gorgeous – Galliano too. I respect Diane von Furstenberg, she made a dress that every woman in the world can wear, afford and look good in. For different reasons I respect different people who bring something new to the world.

What is the most overused word in fashion?

Patricia: Right now, ‘Fashionista’! I hate that word!

What other words are used today.. hm, ‘Awesome’. I was proposed 2 different movies within 2 months and they were both called “Fashionista”! (Sniggers) I’m like, give me a break! One was really good, it was about a young guy who lived in NYC, loved skirts that are more ethnic and he had come from Italy as a little boy with his single mother. He was a professional shoplifter because he knew everything – he knew the fabrics, he knew everything on the runway. But they shouldn’t call it ‘Fashionista’, you need to call it ‘shoplifter’.

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Watch the fashion shows get streamed live on  Youtube and Google+The highly anticipated fashion event will happen from 20th-22nd October 2012 at The Tent @ Ritz Carlton. DFW will see top-notch Singapore fashion designers showcase their latest Spring/Summer 2013 collections, alongside international guest designer, Guo Pei.