It was a little slip-up at first: the hush-hush reveal of Dockers Singapore‘s first local ambassador was marred by a scheduling conflict. Juice Magazine’s September issue was released a few days earlier than the 5 September ambassador launch, where Dockers’ advertorial ran with its ambassador splashed front and centre. A call with the PR office elicited the question “How do you know our ambassador’s name?”, to which we replied “Flip through Juice Magazine”.

For those who were not so eagle-eyed (blame our media monitoring skills honed from slogging it out in classes of yore), Max Loong was revealed as the face of Dockers’ Singapore for its Fall/Winter 2012 collection at a launch party at Bugis+. The campaign bills itself as showcasing “the double life of the urban hero”, as mentioned in the press release. We see a strapping Max in the campaign’s first-half, channeling casual-chic while balancing on tree logs and running on road kerbs. He wears the Alpha Khaki in these shots, with seasonal hues and a heavier look to really look like you’re about to rip apart the forest in three swoops.

The second-half takes on the cityscape as Max looks effortless and way, way cool crossing streets, staring blankly into space (Is it a girl he’s checking out? Is it that horrible haze? Is it another Ferrari car speeding towards him?) in black-white ensembles that are every bit as sharp and crisp as his jawline. Just so you know, Max is wearing the SF Khaki which touts itself to be a day-to-night piece. The slimmer fit and smoother look ensures you will not look like a construction worker next to a sudden CEO inspection. Did we fail to mention that Max Loong looks super-hot in this campaign? What a perfect way to start out with its ambassador campaign with such a fresh and relatable face – way to go, Dockers! Max Loong is managed by FLY Entertainment.

Dockers is stocked at 4 stores, including [email protected] (#02-37) and Bugis+ (#02-01). It is also stocked in 4 departmental stores, including Metro at Paragon and Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City. A fifth store is set to open soon at Plaza Singapura (#03-45).

Check out full-blown pictures of Max below by clicking on the thumbnails!