Tyra Banks, international super model, stopped by Singapore to promote Asia’s Next Top Model. You might have heard the term “smize”  being used a lot in fashion circles. This was coined by Tyra, and means “to smile with your eyes“. In 1994 and 1996, Tyra was proclaimed one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People’s magazine. She was also dubbed one of the ”women who change the world” and she is a constant source of inspiration to ladies all around the globe.

Her modelling career took a backseat to her role as producer and host of the reality TV series, “America’s Next Top Model” in 2003. Since then the show has seen numerous spin offs in countries like Canada, Vietnam, China and more. It is now returning with the 13th instalment, and is going to be based in Singapore. It is scheduled for broadcast across Asia in the later quarter of 2012 and will be hosted by former international model and VJ Nadya Hutagalung.

Tyra is famously proud of her body image, and was one of the more curvier shaped models to take the runway by storm. She put on a lot of pounds in 2007, but she was unabashed and told critics to “Kiss my fat ass”. When asked about beauty, Tyra feels that “there is no cookie-cutter type of beauty. “

During the press conference, she lamented, “It’s really sad that as women, we cannot just be beautiful in our differences, that there has to be different standards that change.” Tyra is supportive of Vogue magazine’s efforts to help girls be comfortable with their own bodies, and not punishing themselves via excessive dieting. She is all about natural beauty, and has brazenly appeared under media spotlight sans makeup before. Evidently, to Tyra, looking good is not about conforming to expectations but projecting one’s inner self.