The Alkaff Mansion is a colonial-styled restaurant located amidst the lush greenery of Telok Blangah Hill. Guests were greeted with the melodious tunes of a live band. Media starlets Michelle Chia, Jesseca Liu, Rosalyn Lee and Yasminne Cheng graced the event, adding blitz and glitz to the night.


To keep guests occupied, Triumph contracted a talented artist to go around cutting facial silhouettes of them. The three of us were completely bowled over by his dexterous fingers! He merely took a minute or less to complete each cut-out.


Opening the show were graceful ballerinas who pirouetted across the stage and set the scene for the luxurious showcase of lingerie. The same dancers later transformed into shape shifting cocoons to represent the metamorphosis of a Triumph customer into a subject of beauty.

The 2012 collection focuses on elegance and glamour, unlike its previous collections which were light and flirty. The show was inspired by “Queens of the World” and were split into various country themes such as Egypt, Russia and more which kept the audience enthralled by the changing backdrops and costumes.


Lingerie wise, the svelte models brought out the best qualities of the swimwear collection and the newly launched “Shape Sensation”. It features breakthrough underwear technology that provides ladies with both shape contouring and moisturizing features.

One of my favourites of the night is this intricately adorned beige piece, with sequined embellishments and a vivacious line and cross pattern that flatter the wearer. Worth mentioning as well are the headgears designed by Frederick Lee, all of which look exquisite on the models, and complement the lingerie pieces very well.

What can go wrong with bootylicious models strutting the runway in lingerie? Nothing. Although parts of the show were punctuated with minor hiccups such as the emcee leaving her cue-card backstage, those were easily overlooked as guests feasted their eyes on the intricate detailing of the pieces, and the well-choreographed dance items. The premium lingerie brand certainly did justice to their 126 year legacy by putting up such a spectacular runway showcase.