Since when did Zac Efron become this… sexy? This campaign for Brazilian brand John John Denim was shot in Los Angeles by photographer Jacques Dequeker and styled by Jenny Richter and Felipe Veloso and it all works because the only thing we see here is the Hotness himself. Screw the jeans, we just want him! (Er, and Ryan Lochte. Such a special snowflake, these two are.) Pore over pictures below of him looking like a hunka burnin’ love. Don’t forget to share some of your fangirl/boy (we don’t discriminate) love over on our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know: Is Zefron totally shag-worthy now?

ALL HAIL THE ZEFRON. “Bet on it, bet on it!” “Everyday, from right now, gonna use our voices and scream out loud…” We’re definitely all in this together. (Is this High School Musical captioning beginning to sound a little creepy? Just checking.) He’s getting his head in the game, alright. (Refrain from making quasi-sexual reference here.)