Olympians are known for their glistening world records and their glistening bodies. Unfortunately, not much is being done to ensure that Olympians with clothes look on par as Olympians sans clothes. (Not like they really need to cover those bodies anyway.) The sportswear industry is worth an estimated US$ 6.4 billion, so it is no wonder that the money-hungry enterprising people of fashion are dipping their fingers in the sporting pie.

Adidas is a brand that has been exploring collaborations of late, including a commercially-successful one with Stella McCartney. This Olympics in London, the two heavyweights collaborate again to design 590 performance pieces for 900 athletes participating in the British Olympic and Paralympic team.

Stella’s unique print interpretation is seen on the Olympic garb here. The Union Jack’s colours are reinterpreted as elements placed on the sporting outfits. Red is seen on necklines and hemlines while white forms a base colour for varying shades of blue to form a segment of the Union Jack emblazoned atop the base colour across the body.

While we love seeing it on tennis player Andy Murray or Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell, we all know we tune in to the Olympics to watch the swimmers, divers and beach volleyball girls strut their stuff in very little clothing. All eyes will be on Tom Daley’s, er, outfit as the Union Jack is tastefully employed to boost his arsenal. (Of half-pike dives, that is.)

Heptathlon athlete Jessica Ennis will step out in a tiny sports bra exposing her midriff, with part of the Union Jack on the front of her skimpy bottom-half: just the way we like it. Kate Middleton will be so proud. Even cyclist wear leaves very little to the imagination, with Chris Hoy’s bodysuit showing everything and hiding very little. Oh yeah, high-tech fabrics ensure that your favourite athletes do not have to be stifled in heat to perform for your viewing pleasure. (See where I’m going here? We all watch the Olympics to stay sexually frustrated! Well, almost.)

Lest you think only the Britains have it good, Giorgio Armani has brought his signature A-Game in Italian fashion to the Italian athletes participating in the Games. A standard white-midnight blue colour combination is the choice du jour here, with jumpers, zipped vests and leather pullovers that channel renegade cool. The original words to Italian national anthem Mameli’s Hymn are inscribed in gold on the jacket’s insides and the underside of polo shirts. That means popping your collar is national pride if you are an Italian athlete. I must say though, that the popped collar is tres not cool. Leave that to the mafia, shall we?

Now you know that Olympians do know their fashion, hopefully that will make you tune in to the Games to see who’s looking hot and who needs their stylists in the locker room. If not, at least watch for the hot bods? I’ll be watching for that. In the meantime, here are some pictures to continue your sexual frustration.

Words: Shah Salimat
Pictures: Club 21 (Visit their website, Facebook & Twitter)