Come this June, Philip Stein luxury watches can be purchased at Millenia Walk.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Nicholas Tse, Jet Li, Rupert Murdoch, Cecilia Cheung and more, have been seen adorning it. In fact, Oprah has featured it as one of her “Favourite Things” thrice, a feat that has not been matched by any other watch brand.

Impeccably designed with interchangeable straps, it is certainly a must-have piece for every fashionista. Its popularity however, is not only due to its form, but also its function.

The main emphasis of Philip Stein watches is on the wearer’s health and wellness, and has been dubbed as a ‘feel good’ watch. Philip Stein watch wearers have been clinically proven to be more resistant to stress, and be able to sleep more soundly at night. This is a result of “Natural Frequency Technology” – a thin metal plate is embedded within the watch imparts ‘tuning resonances’ to the wearer’s biofield which helps to regulate one’s internal human energy.

Watch prices range from S$750 onwards. Though the pricing is a little steep, Philip Stein watches are most certainly a worthy investment since they serve a dual-purpose of form and function.

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