Homegrown label, Raoul was featured on Day 2 of the Audi Fashion Festival. The predominant colours featured in the Fall-Winter collection ranged from viridian green, lilac, mandarin orange to turquoise. The structured outfits inspired by architecture are juxtaposed against the flowy pantsuits, which are signatures of Raoul’s timeless designs.

WHAT WE LIKED: The houndstooth pattern embellishing the tweed top is both eye-catching and fresh. This versatile piece ought to be a staple in the wardrobe for it can be mixed and matched easily. Also, the zip down the front of the skirt is an interesting re-interpretation of the typical a-line skirt.


The use of  faux-black leather to line the top brings out the sleekness and would make it an easy piece to dress-up or dress-down.


The shimmery gold patchwork was successfully juxtaposed against the green, cream and black. Together, the aesthetic created by the dress invokes an an air of sophistication, and would certainly be one of the must-haves in a working woman’s wardrobe.


WHAT WE DISLIKED: Albeit the streamlined and elegant cut, this ensemble seems to be lacking intricacy. Furthermore, the same design was used for 3 different colours on the runway – not very original.


It has been 10 years since the brand’s inception, and it has grown by leaps and bounds. It is now featured at numerous international stores. Their collection for the year is laidback with a touch of understated elegance and would definitely engage the fashion-conscious consumer.