Local designers A.W.O.L (“All walks of life”), Depression and Saturday took centre stage for Day 3 of Audi Fashion Festival.

Depression’s inspiration this season is attributed to ‘plastic surgery’ because of the deconstruction and re-arrangement to form a better, more cohesive whole. The predominant colours are cobalt blue, grey and black and white that convey a sense of somberness.

WHAT WE LIKED:Like the rest of the collection, each of Depression’s pieces each have a complex personality. A whimsical facial profile embedded in the white ellipse of the dress’ frontal view takes a cerebral and satirical stab at the notion of the clothes wearing the wearer. This is done by mirroring the model’s dramatic headdress with the model herself – the head as the body and the headdress as a dress.



The beautiful mask warrants its own section: childlike, porcelain, futuristic and hypnotic proportions turn the veneer into a dramatic undulating landscape of light and shadow. The stunning, translucent  polyuerathane outer piece is a potent investigation of Hellenistic sculptural drapery and natural rhythms of landscapes in modern materiality. The dynamic interplay of rigidity and fluidity, of transparency and opacity seen in the internal conversations between the mask and robe is a sight to behold.



WHAT WE DISLIKED: The studded accessory is rather inelegant and resembles a very uniform-like structure reminiscent of a dog collar or bondage attire.



As the name suggests, Alfie Leong’s A.W.O.L (all walks of life), is meant to be affordable so that people from all walks of life can purchase it. Each statement piece will help the consumer voice her inner style and personality.

WHAT WE LIKED: The lacy headgear that resemble protective leather caps pilots wear, conveys an Amelia Earhart-esque quality. This piece comprises of an overt white feat149717_10150928752731737_173924811736_9894488_360117423_nhery coif that works well with with the overall masculine, structural interpretation of the femme hourglass silhouette. The print on the outerwear is a spontaneous explosion of energy that draws the eye across the core and emphasizes the effort made in constructing a shape that is feminine yet dynamic.



The quaint shirt-dress is precisely balanced with the peripheral cap, fur vest and gloves. The collar and buttons are remarkably beautiful and bring some aesthetic perspectives of men’s fashion successfully into the female fashion arena. The idiosyncratic gloves epitomizes the functionality and aesthetics of shape and structure – they wrap around the palm and fingers but crawl dangerously up the back of the hand, as if asserting that they are ready to be removed at any moment for some dirty hands-on work.



WHAT WE DISLIKED: The riot of textures in this instance is a bit too much to keep track of – from the ruffled, feathery cap, to the silky, slippery coat, and the leathery function of the gloves. The intricacy of the black leggings is a tad too overwhelming and the overall heavy-feel of this outfit is further weighed down by the frumpy overcoat. The gold belt causes an abrupt transition at the waistline especially in terms of color and texture.



Saturday’s Fall/Winter collection emphasizes asymmetrical aesthetics of imperfection, that conveys a sense of minimalism.

WHAT WE LIKED:  The use of layering to highlight the differences in materiality of fabric is smart. Further, the way the fabric is draped promulgates a sense of poise and refinement.



WHAT WE DISLIKED: This ensemble does not do justice to the model. In terms of its structural movement, they look like two isolated pieces and appear to just be a knit scarf, a cardigan and a wool skirt being thrown together without much thought.


The Singapore’s Designers Showcase was certainly a breathtaking experience, and one could feel the level of creativity pulsating through the roof. Kudos to local talent!