Redken’s showcase at the recent Audi Fashion Festival 2011 was a stunning display of artistic prowess, helmed by Creative Director of Redken Australia, Philip Barwick. Couple with Shu Uemura makeup and live-styling, the energetic show displayed bursts of colour and wild inspirations amongst clothes designed by their own designer, Yung.

We were so glad to have caught pictures of models at their first prep area and those will be coming up soon. Thanks to the team from Redken, Shu Uemura and L’Oreal for allowing us to head to L’Oreal Academie at Keypoint to check the prep out!

The first segment of the show, helmed by Redken, focused on creating braided hairstyles with frizzy, pouffed-up impact for a touch of street edge to an otherwise futuristic-extraterrestrial yet elegant look that draws inspiration from the architectural designs of the 60s and 70s.

Fab? Deffo. Maybe not very practical even to a ball, but we can dream, no? ,)

The second segment was a makeup showcase by Shu Uemura. Models were clad in all-white ensembles with eye-popping makeup colours and eyelashes we would’ve called “faux pas” but were instead fitting of the craaaaaaaazy colours on display!

The last segment’s acid trip provided a heady end to a bevy of colours we’d be remembering for quite a while. Yung’s creations added the final burst of colour but we’re not too keen on the choice of materials for the dresses and the unnecessary volumes. Of course, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” played during this segment, which satisfied the Gaga fans on the blogging panel. :D

More pictures available on our AFF Redken Facebook album! xx