The press conference kicked off with model, Tao Okamoto and photographer, Russell James talking about their collaboration – Calm in the Chaos. The series of photographs of Tao will be auctioned and proceeds will be donated to charity.

Tao is Japanese and is based in New York. During the conversation with fashion luminary, Colin McDowell, she revealed that it was hard being an Asian supermodel since being a minority in Milan/Paris is certainly no easy feat.

Thankfully, she met a great Asian in New York who helped her break into the scene. Aside from all that, to be a great model (in her words) – one has to “forget about being Asian… what matters is whether you are good or not.”

Next up, was the renowned Missoni family, known for its intricate knitwear. Rosita Missoni after forming the Italian fashion house in 1953, subsequently let her daughter Angela Missoni take the helm of the company after Angela successfully launched her 5th collection. It was then that Rosita decided that Angela was competent enough to contribute to the main line.

Evidently, fashion runs in the genes of the Missoni family. Angela’s daughter, Margherita Missoni is now slated to be the new successor of the Missoni label as she is the unofficial “muse” of the label. Having grown up in a family of fashionistas led her to pursue her studies in New York as an actress and a model.

When being asked by Colin on whether she will ever grow tired of fashion, her answer was an affirmative no.

What keeps her going is the constant flow of passion that runs through her blood and the family. In fact, she never ever realized her family was in fashion per se, since as a kid, it just seemed so natural and fluid that work and family just merged into one.

Thus far, Missoni has had many collaborations with other brands such as Havianas, Converse, San Pellegrino and more. Angela does not think the brand will face dilution of their label since collaborations in fact lead to greater awareness of their label. Further, it gives people with lesser spending power a chance to purchase the famed Missoni brand without burning a hole in their pocket.

Angela leaked that Missoni will be releasing a line after collaborating with Target. That’s definitely something to look out for!