While going about our MFW reporting, we noticed quite a few things that went unnoticed. So, here are 10 things you didn’t know about MFW!

10) The shows ALWAYS start late. Really, really late.

Now we understand the term “fashionably late”. Shows started from 1 hour later to a whopping 1 hour & 45 minutes for the Song for the Mute show!

We found out that the ticketed time is the reporting time, with the show time being at least an hour later. While we wished this would have been informed to the public, it’s kinda funny to see people rushing to get to the runway hall. And then to see their faces when the counter staff tells them that the show begins in one friggin’ hour.

9) Fashion Metropolis was free to enter for all!

We were still perplexed when people were standing outside, apprehensive to go in. I asked one couple why they didn’t want to go in and they said: “Aiyah, just look look only.”

Maybe it’s because of the exclusive feel (we would’ve loved it if all the doors were open all-day) but not many people knew about this even though it was publicised on Facebook! A mention on the TVC would’ve helped ;)

Work hard, party hard: that’s the mantra.

(Source: MFW Facebook)

8: Fiona Xie was finally seen at an event after so long!

It’s been quite a while since we saw Fiona & it’s a pleasant surprise to finally catch the local celeb! But we wonder if she’s the latest addition to David Gan’s entourage? She was seen partying with them at the closing party. (And knocking a few wine glasses off the table in her drunken stupor.)

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for her latest developments!

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7) @winstonlumenta was giving out free show tickets through Twitter contests everyday!

If you had followed @MFWasia on Twitter closely, you would’ve realised that @winstonlumenta was giving out pairs of tickets to most shows everyday via his personal account. Which we absolutely love because we’re such freebie whores!

6) Most Fashion Metropolis stores were having unannounced introductory sales.

We spotted JBB* selling their schoolboy-inspired wear for 15% off and we also heard that Shanghai Tang & Feiyue were having introductory offers (the latter, we couldn’t find the time to check though).

Now, if only Kim Choong-Wilkins had a sale as well.

Speaking of the designer…

5) The studs in KCW’s “Bodybound” collection were being fitted in minutes before his runway show!

Kim Choong-Wilkins (who is one of the most humble designers we’ve met in MFW) revealed exclusively to us that just minutes before the show, studs were falling off the clothes & the team were desperately trying to fit them in before the show began. Thank God they did it just in time!

We went back to the KCW pop-up store & noticed that the studded outfits kept looking different each day. Upon closer inspection, we noticed a clump of holes on the clothes where studs should’ve been! We still love KCW so all is forgiven ;

4) Photoshoots were being held at Fashion Metropolis… in the open!

A.Testoni & JBB* photoshoots were held throughout the course of MFW at Fashion Metropolis featuring Philip Huang & all the other models! It was a cool opportunity to get really close to an actual editorial shoot & see the styling & posing in full view!

Plus, who doesn’t love being so close to a bunch of hot models? ,)

3) Dr Georgia Lee changes outfits… FOR. EVERY. SHOW.

We don’t know how she does it (maybe she carries a pop-up wardrobe or shuttles back to her hotel room after every show) but Dr Georgia Lee was wearing a different outfit for each show that she attended, and she killed every single haute couture outfit!

We love how dedicated she is to MFW!

2) A famous local model-turned-actor was wearing a t-shirt to MFW.

“He who shall remain unnamed” was spotted on the last day of MFW wearing a nondescript t-shirt to MFW! I mean, putting on a vest/blazer/some form of outerwear would’ve helped jazz it up a bit, no?

1) Frank Cintamani admits he’s not a fashion expert!

This, we still can’t believe! On the last day of MFW, Frank Cintamani revealed that a team of stylists piece his look day-to-day! He himself said that he’s not really in-tune with fashion & isn’t the most fashionable person around.

Which still puzzles us a tad bit.