So now that you know the looks, let’s get to the juicy bits! Here’s 10 “hot & dangerous” quotes heard during the course of Men’s Fashion Week, counting down from 10 to 1!

10) Photographer: “Dude, I was in the toilet with Philip Huang!”

We overheard this on Day 1 of MFW, after the Boss Black by Hugo Boss show. We suspect the photog is straight.

9) Bryanboy: ” It’s surprisingly quiet for a fashion week but it’s a good break from other fashion weeks.”

We managed to find Bryanboy miling around the Fashion Metropolis on Day 3 of MFW, after the G.I.L Homme show (seriously, Bryanboy has free time to walk around?!) and popped him a few questions.

Also, from the interview…

8: Bryanboy: “I saw the Singapore Showcase yesterday and it was lacking in so much colour! Singaporean men need more colour!”

We totally agree ,)

7) Models: “We’re looking forward to parties and money and girls!”

We interviewed models Leopold Pesch, Petr Dockal, Edmond Roosendaal, Mitchell Clarke on Day 1 of MFW after the Boss Black by Hugo Boss show & it was so difficult getting a quote from them in English! But when it comes to what they’re looking forward to, all models speak the same language ;)

6) Audience member commenting on someone walking into the runway area:
“Oh my god, her hair looks like my hair when I’m brushing my teeth.

Overheard during the DressCamp show. Ouch. Can we get to know you? .)

5) Fashion blogger: “That was the longest shutter speed in the history of shutter speeds.”

Overheard during the afterparty on Day 3. We remember sniggering our asses off after hearing this. And then sipping our glass of red wine.

4) Muttons: “We weren’t paying attention to the show. We just wanted to get to the buffet.”

Interviewed on Day 1 of MFW, after Boss Black by Hugo Boss. Ah, the Muttons are at it again.

We love them for being who they really are. ,)

3) Frank Cintamani: (when auctioning off a diamond-encrusted watch)
“I don’t like diamonds but there are diamonds on it.”

Commendable that the watch managed to be successfully auctioned off for a healthy four-figure sum despite his dislike for the diamonds. Proceeds went straight to the disaster-affected areas of Japan, courtesy of the Celton group of companies.

Here’s another one that shows Frank Cintamani’s witty straightforwardness:

2) Frank Cintamani: “I don’t know the painting, I don’t know what I’m selling but I’ll sell it anyway. (looks at painting) It’s a black & white painting of a half-naked man.”

We love how he’s no-nonsense & doesn’t put up the pretense the fashion world is so full of. (Y)


1) VIP: (while on the phone) “Aiyah, just come lah! If lousy, then I tell you hor!”

Overheard in the VIP lounge.

This quote is just priceless. We didn’t know aunties were qualified to be VIPs.

xx .)