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Exclusive Interview with Fiona Kirk from the Nutcracker on Ice

Fiona Kirk plays the character of Mrs Pavlova, Marie’s mother, in the brilliant performance, Nutcracker on Ice. Popspoken’s curator, Abigail, was fortunate to have been able to review the performance as well as interview the amazingly talented and beautiful Fiona. Fiona was born and brought up in Cape Town, South Africa, where she started skating at…

Nutcracker on Ice | When ballet meets ice skating

Spectacularly splendid and chillingly beautiful, Nutcracker on Ice was everything that I had ever imagined: a sophisticated portrayal of a classic 1816 piece of literature through the use of complex and daring manoeuvres on the ice. Being an ice skater myself, I was in awe at the various spins, jumps, footwork and other intricate and challenging moves…

Fashionably Bold

At the reception, Mr. Charles Dufourcq, Country Director for RIM Singapore, gave a brief welcoming speech, with which he cleverly drew a logical relation between two seemingly disjunctive brands, Blackberry® and ZALORA. ZALORA, being a lifestyle brand that e-tails fashion, beauty, home & décor products, doesn’t seem too out of place this evening at Fashionably…

Be Your Ownmuse

One of the six Singaporean designers showcased in the first ever Digital Fashion Week is Ownmuse. The two young ladies behind the brand are best friends Johanna and Shu Juang, and as the name suggests, they want to inspire girls to be their own muses through their creations. This, they surely did, as the show left me inspired to emulate their distinctive style of casual cool.

James Morrison and Our 5-Minute Cheer For An Encore At His Singapore Gig

Frank Ocean made an unequivocal observation when he said, “When you’re happy you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.” What James Morrison has achieved with his third album, The Awakening, is the precise halfway point of that musing. And then you hear him LIVE… it was no wonder that people…

Spector; Live in Singapore! A Glimpse of the Future?

October 4th 2012; probably just any ordinary Thursday evening for many; but for the few privileged enough to be at Avalon, that night would probably be a night to remember for a long time. For whatever your reason, you decide. But to us, that night gave us something that we'd always hold onto; a glimpse of the future.