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Up Close And Personal With Spector

Many liken them to The Strokes, The Killers and The Vaccines. For a relatively new band, drawing such praise from people should be admirable enough but these indie rockers also have a list of credentials to prove their worth; with Coachella and Florence + The Machines to name a few. Just hours prior to their…


One on one with JR Chan, Creator of -J-A-S-O-N-

JR won the "Singapore Young Designer of the Singapore Fashion Festival" in 2007, and since then, she has never failed to deliver classy yet edgy apparel for men. It is no wonder she is selected as one of the six local designers who will be rocking the runway for Digital Fashion Week 2012.


Up Close and Personal with Russian Red

It may have been pure coincidence when she first discovered her stagename and it most probably have taken a huge gamble when she first became a singer but when Russian Red came by our little red dot for a second show, there was no luck involved; just sheer class.

James Morrisson – The Awakening LIVE in Singapore come October 2nd

What’s the Standard Operating Procedure when one of the finest white soul singers (considered to be equal parts Stevie Wonder and Paul Young) decides to swing by this red dot again in a short span of six months since his last gig here? We can only hope it involves you being down at the Esplanade Concert Hall this Tuesday to see James Morrison live!


Cointreauversial Magic

On the 20th of September 2012, as part of a regional consumer initiative that spans 7 countries in Asia, Cointreau kicked off its 'One Night In Singapore' series of parties.


Nothing is Taboo at Avenue Q

Homosexuality, existentialism, bigotry, racism, sluts who steal your boyfriends, post-college quarter life crises, unrequited love and more first world problems… heavy issues to tackle in any art form, but there is one musical, yes, musical, that manages to deliver that and more in the form of crass cursing puppets in a parallel world known as Avenue Q.

‘Burn the Floor’ brings ballroom dancing to a new level of sexiness

Years before "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" turned ballroom dancing into an exciting type of dance on TV, one sizzling show was setting stages ablaze around the world. It is the Broadway production of Burn the Floor which is an electrifying Latin and Ballroom dance spectacular that has thrilled audiences in more than 30 countries because of the fire and passion of their live performance.