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A new column with interviews by cultural provocateurs on theatre, art and everything in between.


5 Things You Need To Know About Art Stage Singapore 2012

Asia-Pacific’s international contemporary art fair is back for a second time and it features over 130 galleries from 18 countries, including renowned ones such as New York’s Lehmann Maupin and Berlin’s Galerie Eigen+Art. We profile 5 things you need to know about Art Stage Singapore, plus a sneak peek into what’s in-store.


2011 Review | Epic Moments in Singapore

Singapore is capable of drama -lots of it. We round up the most epic moments that we experienced this year! If this doesn’t make you #sosingaporean, we don’t know what does. Simply put: 2011 was the Year of Singapore. If there was any doubt that we’re still part of China, it was crushed by the Presidential…


Best and Worst Movies of 2011 (Part 2)

The Best Sequels/Remakes in 2011 1. Scream 4 Best Sequel of the year probably goes to Scream 4. Although not the best instalment, it sure didn’t hold back on gore and gumption. Overall, a pretty decent slasher flick with its fair share of unpredictability, humour and cleverness. The famous quote “What’s your favourite scary movie?”…


Best and Worst Movies of 2011 (Part 1)

It’s been a pretty draggy year for the film industry. 2011 reminded us that CGI is the way of the future, and remakes are going to be a norm. Sequels will drive the film industry and everything else will either be animated, in 3D or a chic-flick. In Part 1, we’ll share the best and…