Hi there. My name is Jovi. I’m used to temperature-controlled environments, sleeping at 10:30PM, and drinking 2 litres of fluids every day.

I’m also headed to Ultra Singapore 2017 this weekend, so all that’s going out the window.

Like any anxious nerd, I’m doing as much research as I can before actually going there. I suggest you do the same. Here are four things that might help you navigate the madness that is Ultra Singapore 2017.

1) Getting To Ultra Park 

If you’ve never been to Ultra (ayyy waddup we’re all in this together), you’re probably wondering where “Ultra Park” is. With a new MRT station popping up every six months or so, I don’t exactly blame you.


Here’s a map of the Marina Bay area, with 1 Bayfront Avenue (that’s what Ultra Park is to the URA) right next to Bayfront MRT, accessible via both the Circle Line and the Downtown Line.

For those taking an Uber or Grab to the venue, the exact postal code is Singapore 018971.

2) What Time Is Dmm Zi Dmm Zi?

Ultra Singapore 2017 will start at 12PM and end at 10:30PM on both Saturday and Sunday.

We know, it’s lame that an EDM festival would end at 10:30PM. We wrote about it before last year’s edition of Ultra Singapore, where the Cinderella rule was implemented.

3) Identify Yourself!

Ultra Singapore is only for those 18 years and older.

Acceptable forms of identification for entry include a valid Singapore Government-issued Identification Card (IC) or Driver’s License.

For non-Singaporeans, a valid foreign-government issued Identification Card or Driver’s License with photo and date-of-birth, along with a photocopy of a valid passport from the same country as the Identification Card or Driver’s License provided.

4) Here’s A Long List Of FAQs

Are there lockers for rent? No.

Can I bring food, drinks, and alcohol? No.

Can I bring cameras? The Ultra Singapore site states “No professional cameras, flash cameras, or video and audio recording equipment”, but “Yes to non-professional cameras and GoPro’s”.

What about camera equipment? Yes to strap headwear or non-extendable handles for action cameras e.g. GoPro’s, No to extendable poles. Selfie sticks are banned and you’ll be judged by everyone in line behind you.

Can I bring cigarettes? Yes if they are sealed and unopened. No to opened packets of ciggs.

Can I bring earplugs? Yes. Reddit recommends it.

Can I bring flags and banners? Yes, so good news for our foreign friends! No corporate branding or hard poles, ok?

These miscellaneous items are prohibited: Stuffed Animals, Pacifiers (???), Opened Packs of Cigarettes, Glow Sticks, Markers, Pens, Spray Paint, Masks, Balloons, Balls, Inflatables, Frisbees, Umbrellas, Chairs, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Tents (this is not Glastonbury), Bicycles, Skateboards, Hoverboards (what are you?), Drones, Pets, Chains, Spiked Jewellery, Laser Pointers, Water Guns, Musical Instruments, Noisemakers, Air Horns (Major Lazer has a copyright on that), Poles, Sticks

These miscellaneous items are allowed: Bags made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC smaller than 13″ x 17″, Fanny Packs (sup Rich Chigga fam), Small Clutch Bags with or without handles/straps, Handphones, Sunglasses, Hats, Glowing Jewellery/Costumes, Feminine Products sealed upon entry, Prescription Medicine with prescription/label in your name

Popspoken will be headed to Ultra Park for an exclusive preview on Friday (June 9). Stay tuned to our Instagram page for more details about the festival grounds and entrances!

Getting hyped? Get to know Ultra Singapore 2017 lineup DJ Martin Solveig in our interview.


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