The short DJ set that Don Diablo played at Ultra Singapore yesterday may have been his last with the global dance music festival.

In a Facebook video, the Dutch DJ revealed that Ultra Singapore refused to pay him for his set at the festival due to his late appearance following a delayed flight from Beijing.

His original timeslot of 4:15PM to 5:45PM was given to Knife Party instead, and was announced via the Ultra Singapore app half an hour before it was due to begin. The duo were already at the venue as they are a part of the band Pendulum, scheduled to play later that day.


Flanked by his tour manager and production manager, the DJ described how the festival’s organisers told them they “weren’t really welcome anymore”.

He goes on to describe how DJs have faced similar problems with organisers, but are too afraid to speak up for fear of being cut from future lineups.

“Everybody’s just afraid to speak out because everybody wants to perform at Ultra because it’s a fantastic festival, and we wanna be there for you guys,” he said.

Near the end of the three-minute long video, Don Diablo confirms that he will be withdrawing from future Ultra lineups.

“We have decided as a team that we can no longer perform at any of the Ultras in the near future, and that includes the ones that have been announced,” said Don Diablo.

When contacted by Popspoken, the organisers of the Ultra Music Festival had no comments.

Just this March, Don Diablo played at Ultra Miami 2017. Don Diablo was last here in Singapore for the Siloso Beach Party 2015/2016, where we spoke to him about ghost production and his advice for young DJs.

Just how much do DJs make for a set at a festival as large as Ultra? On popular community site Quora, one user ballparked a range of “anywhere from $30k – $400k”.

Another user referenced an interview with Tiesto, one of the Ultra Singapore 2017 headliners, where he revealed that he was paid “upwards of $100k for one night”.


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