From balancing you on his shoulders to giving you away at your wedding, the duties of a father run long and lengthy. Yet, local singer-songwriter Marcel Lee Pereira scrounged up the time and took to the songbook to express the affection a father shares with his daughter.

A melodically-rich number coupled with heartwarming lyrics that pack a punch, his latest single “Daddy’s Here” is inspired by messages he wishes to convey to his three-year-old daughter and is filled with anecdotes about the special bond only father and daughter share.

Hopping onto the theme of warm and tender affections leading up to Father’s Day (yes folks, the big day’s tomorrow!), Pereira also allowed for other fathers to create a special memory with their daughters.

For the music video, he invited fathers who wished to make a tribute to their daughters to join him in the filming of his MV. The video depicts groups of proud beaming dads holding up signs with song lyrics, while surrounded by their loved ones.

The video is tinged with a range of emotions — from the ever-so-slightly rueful sentiment of watching a daughter’s first heartbreak, to the poignant reminiscence of tucking her into bed. A music video that’s more a dedication from doting fathers than anything, the product was a touching effort made by dads everywhere who wanted to showcase the love for their daughters.

Whether it’s the weather-worn nursery rhymes our dads used to scruffily hum us to sleep with or a personalised lullaby with a cool video dedication to match, we all know that a father’s love will never go out of tune. Regardless of how old we get, it’s always comforting to know that daddy’s here. Happy Father’s Day!


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