Indie music festival extraordinaire Neon Lights 2016 has finally released the timings for its fantastic line-up, and it’s plenty to shout about.

Held on the coming Saturday and Sunday, the festival will see the likes of Foals, Sigur Ros, Crystal Castles, Gentle Bones, and Gold Panda gracing the fields of Fort Canning for its sophomore edition this weekend, 26 & 27 November.

However, Neon Lights is not all about just the music. The organizers have made sure to include plenty of art activities, performances and even poetry, echoing regional festivals like Malaysia’s Urbanscapes and Thailand’s Wonderfruit festival.

With the likes of food, sculpture exhibits, brass bands, and even comedy shows, revelers can be sure to be entertained even in-between waiting for sets.

Here’s a complete lowdown on the line-up of the festival as told in emojis. You can also read our report card on last year’s Neon Lights over here!

If you feel like rocking out:


Foals (Day 1 – 7.30pm to 8.45pm)

Crystal Castles (Day 1 – 9.20pm to 10.20pm)

Cashew Chemists (Day 1 – 2.15pm to 2.50pm)

BADBADNOTGOOD (Day 2 – 3.35pm to 4.20pm)

65DAYSOFSTATIC (Day 2 – 7.35pm to 8.35pm)

Pumarosa (Day 2 – 4.25pm to 5.05pm)

If you feel like crying:


Gentle Bones (Day 1 – 6.15pm to 7pm)

Shura (Day 1 – 6pm to 6.45pm)

Lucy Rose (Day 1 – 4.25pm to 5.15pm)

Sigur Ros (Day 2 – 10.15pm to 11.45pm)

Jose Gonzales (Day 2 – 9.20pm to 10.20pm)

Tallest Man On Earth (Day 2 – 5.50pm to 6.50pm)

Linying (Day 2 – 3pm to 3.40pm)

If you feel like vibing:


Gold Panda (Day 1 – 8.30pm to 9.20pm)

SBTKRT (Day 1 – 7.30pm to 8.30pm)

Disco Hue (Day 1 – 3pm to 3.40pm)

Yuna (Day 2 – 8.35pm to 9.35pm)

Blood Orange (Day 2 – 19:00 to 20:00)

.Gif (Day 2 – 2.15pm to 3pm)

If you feel like dancing:


Neon Indian (Day 1 – 11pm to 11.45pm)

2ManyDJs (Day 1 – 9.15pm to 10.30pm)

Darker Than Wax presents (Day 1 & 2 – 8.35pm to 9.20pm)

Chairlift (Day 1 – 4.35pm to 5.25pm)

The Sugarhill Gang (Day 1 – 3.20pm to 4.05pm)

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (Day 2 – 4.55pm to 6.25pm)

Mad professor (Day 2 – 8.35pm to 9.20pm)

Poetry Slams


Steph Dogfoot (Day 1 – 2.15pm to 3pm, Day 2 – 5.05pm to 5.50pm)

Shak / Marc Nair (Day 1 – 3.40pm to 4.25pm, Day 2 – 6.50pm to 7.35pm)

Deborah Emmanuel (Day 1 – 5.15pm to 6pm, Day 2 – 2.15pm to 3pm)

Jennifer Champion / Shivram Gopinath (Day 1 – 6.45pm to 7.30pm)

Wei Liang / Ng Yi-Sheng (Day 2 – 3.40pm to 4.25pm)

If you feel like laughing:

Face With Tears of Joy on Apple

Becca D’Bus (Day 1 – 10.30pm to 11pm, Day 2 – 9.40pm to 10.10pm)

Bourgeois & Maurice (Day 1 – 8.45pm to 9.15pm, Day 2 – 8pm to 8.30pm)

Comedy Masala Cream (Day 1 – 7pm to 7.30pm, Day 2 – 6.30pm to 7pm)

Abandoman (Day 1 – 4.05pm to 4.35pm, Day 2 – 4.20pm to 4.50pm)

The Rusty Nails Sideshow (Day 1 – 2.50pm to 3.20pm, Day 2 – 3pm to 3.30pm)

If you have the munchies:

Hot Dog on Apple

The Refinery

The Lab


Two Bakers


Red Baron

Choose your path wisely, young Padawan!

Here’s the entire schedule, for full viewing.


Event Details:

What: Neon Lights 2016

Where: Fort Canning Park

When: Saturday and Sunday, 26 & 27th November, 2pm onwards

Tickets Available:


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