Ahoy there mates! Asia’s largest EDM festival It’s The Ship will be making a splash with their 60-strong DJ lineup, boasting some of the best DJs in the regions, plus loads of upcoming names. It is nice to see Far East Movement make the cut again this year, as they missed their flight and couldn’t make it to the ship in time last year. David Hasselhoff, of Baywatch fame, will also be on-board to host partygoers, which honestly is a reason enough to go to It’s The Ship.


Here’s why this weekend is going to be an experience of a lifetime! Ironically, it would also be the worst time to find out that I get seasick, so crossing fingers that my stomach would be able to survive all that motion. 

Non-stop Eating and Raving

Be prepared to go hard this weekend for non-stop partying and eating! With 24-hour eating and entertainment options, you won’t be left wondering what to do next. The ship has mini-golf, an arcade, a theatre, pools, an ice-skating rink, spas… the options are endless. The raving will last well into the night as well, and the line-up is stellar as well. With top notch DJs from all genres like Sander Van Doorn, Andrew Rayel, Myrne, and Bass Agents, it’s going to be a weekend of exposure to new kinds of music. 


Pop-Up Parties

Festivals may have many stages, but it’s tough to hold a pop-party unless you’ve got a portable cabana big enough to hold more than two people at a time. Having loads of cabins on-board means that you can go up pop-up party-hopping from room to room. It’s The Ship also has organised some theme parties to keep things interesting.

I’ve got my eye on the ‘Onesie Party’ because Singapore is too hot to wear onesies on a normal day and ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ where you get to dress up as dead celebrities. Some side activities include a Meet and Greet with certain DJs and a hot dog eating competition (YUM).

Sunrise DJ Sets 

With no other boats or stages or trees to block your view, you get a 360 degree view of the sea with bass thumping speakers to the soundtrack of the sunrise. No pictures can really capture the beauty of the sunrise, and after a long hard night of partying, it’s a breathtaking image to end your night with. 

Digital Detox

You’re going out on international waters, which means mobile reception is going to be wonky. If you have been way too stressed out at work, or find yourself spending way too much time on Snapchat, then this weekend is the perfect time to put your phones away and really enjoy yourself! Spend some quality time with your squad, or go celebrity hunting, and you’ll find yourself indulging in the experience without having to hide behind a screen. Besides with all that water around you, you don’t want to risk getting your phone into the pool or – worse yet – ending up as fish fodder at the bottom of the sea. 


It’s a SHIP!

If you haven’t realised by the festival name, but a ship is only that big. Which is good news if you are a huge fan of the artists on board. Imagine chilling by the pool and Joel Fletcher rocks up to you in his swimmers or getting a drink at the bar next to Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. It’s going to be a dream finding out that your neighbour might be Far East Movement or MarLo! Rubbing shoulders and getting up close and personal is a norm on the ship (according to past editions). With only 3800 people on board, the possibilities are endless – and that’s the magic of a festival on a cruise!

Cabins for It’s The Ship 2016 are all sold out, but there is always next year’s edition. Stay tuned to our social media pages as we bring you updates when the ship sets sail this Friday 4th November. 

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