It is not everyday you get to immerse yourself in avant-garde electronic music at the cusp of a mountain, alongside stunning corals and coastlines that go on infinitely. One of the world’s longest solar eclipse (2 hours and 20 mins!) will see the moon moving over the sun at the break of dawn in Sulawesi, Indonesia. When nature and music mix, we know it is sure-win recipe for one of the most breathtaking experiences in South East Asia.

Mike Paradinas, brains behind μ-Ziq (pronounced as ‘music’) is an inspiration to the electronic. He will be playing at the festival together with a wide array of acts such as local beatmaster Xhin, techno maestro Secret Cinema and more. Mike is driven but has a down-to-earth disposition. When asked what his hopes are, his wish is a practical one:

For Planet Mu to have another successful year – because it supports several people who rely on it to stay housed and fed.

Having worked closely with Björk and Aphex Twin, their music fuels his 2 decades of music-making and right now, also provide great ammunition when he wants to lull his 2 year old daughter to sleep. If he had a choice, he would like to work more closely with Ekoplekz, as he feels they “would get on as we have a similar view on things.” Fully focused on his music, his preference before any set is “to sit on my own for a bit and gather my thoughts. Look at the crowd and try and figure out the vibe and how I should start my set and structure it.” 

Mike is interested in exposing the world to his novel brand of experimental electro music that few have heard of, but doesn’t stop there. He is constantly searching for new sounds such as those hailing from Africa. We are certain he will lure the crowd into an experience not to be missed at the Eclipse Festival.

Get your tickets for Eclipse Festival happening in Sulawesi Indonesia from 7-11 March 2016, here. The solar eclipse will happen on 9 March 2016, at approximately 7.28am.
Catch Mike Paradinas in action at Canvas on 12 March 2016.