Imagine your favourite radio station playing all the tunes that you rock out to in the shower, on your way to school and at the gym for eight hours non-stop. Then imagine the singers and the bands that play those tunes perform right in front of you – live – one after another. How much better can life get? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, that is exactly how SCAPE The Invasion was – top-notch local musicians playing at different spaces in Scape through the entire of last Saturday, December 5th.

Hubba Bubbas enchanting the public.

Hubba Bubbas enchanting the public.

It was a shame that the weather was not cooperative and made the flea market as well as the crowd slow down midway through the event.

However, despite the sudden downpour of the monsoon season dampening the mood and causing two outdoor stage spaces to be shut almost permanently, the good vibes and the sick rhythms kept the atmosphere going. The coincidence of dance groups practicing their own pieces independently at every corner of the youth-oriented building brought the energy of the place up as well.

It is just always a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by all sorts of artists and be inspired by their craft and dedication.

The visual appeal of Caracal is just worth it.

Crowd favourite Caracal had a set at The Ground Theatre.

Over 15 local acts performed in a span of eight hours, each with their signature style and charm, to an interestingly mixed crowd – ultimate fans to curious faces, working adults to schooling youths.

With a wide range of genres and surprises lined up one after another, audience members were constantly refreshed and energised by every new act that came up. The freedom to float between stages and the liberty of choice was empowering too. It was almost like creating your own playlist from the line-ups given and planning your personalised route to satisfy your own musical preferences.

Or if one was feeling adventurous, the option to listen to someone new and watch the performance live was a great experience too.

Joie Tan playing at The Bandstand before rain set in.

Joie Tan playing at The Bandstand before rain set in.

At the end of the day, besides the music and the whole pool of local talent we witnessed and grooved to, the sense of community and the unconditional encouragement really struck us. We saw musicians supporting one another and enjoying each other’s set while sound crew members head bang to their jam backstage (not so hidden from the curtains).

Charlie Lim and The Mothership serenading the crowd.

Charlie Lim and The Mothership serenading the crowd.

That is the amazing strength of live music and no matter how many times we stream tracks online or listen to the radio… They are just not the same, though they are wonderful alternatives. Kudos to the SCAPE The Invasion team for organising this and making it all work out!

After a full year of bringing local music to the schools and inviting more awareness to the vibrancy of our growing music scene, the SCAPE Invasion team definitely summed up 2015 with a bang for all of us! With just a year behind them and many more to go, be sure to expect more up-and-coming local bands on your radar through more tours or collaborations in the near future, for this team is a force to be reckoned with.

If we may say so ourselves, these events are much needed to bring to light the culture of live music and the arts right here in the heartbeat of our city.

Nathan "My face is perfect and shiny" Hartono.

Nathan “my face is perfect and shiny” Hartono.

From favourites like Daphne Khoo to new names such as The Unlabelled Society, it was almost impossible to leave the event halfway. The temptation was real.

We are pretty sure many audience members found new gems that afternoon, but really, that is just the tip of the iceberg with our local scene.

Now… Are we finally going to get more local music airtime on radio stations or what?

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