Die-hard Lawson fans in Singapore were in for a treat this week, when the four-piece British band visited our shores in promotion of their latest self-titled EP.

Lawson packed their Singapore schedule during the second week of October with a special meet-and-greet session on Monday night, then an invite-only acoustic set at Rdio Asia on Tuesday evening followed by an autograph session that night, and finally a visit to 987FM‘s studio the next day before leaving our city (for now!).

Lawson in Hong Kong. Photo: Lawson Facebook

Talk about album promo efforts! These British beauties are sure hardworking when it comes to spreading music and love on this part of the world, with Asia stops including Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore.

Photo: Sheryl for Popspoken

Popspoken headed down to the invite-only acoustic set on Tuesday evening, hosted at the Rdio Asia office, nestled above a restaurant bar in Ann Siang Hill.

It was an intimate session between Lawson and about fifty lucky Singapore fans who won themselves tickets to catch them live, many for their second time since their previous Singapore concert. The British accents of the Lawson members are absolutely charming, on top of the small jokes and goofiness exchanged by the boys in between songs.

Photo: Jovi for Popspoken

Photo: Jovi for Popspoken

Lawson performed a few of their crowd-favourites in this cozy acoustic set, including “Standing In The Dark“, “Juliet” and a single off their latest album, “Roads“.

The Lawson boys were laughing while tuning their acoustic guitars, joking that the delay while tuning their guitars made a 25-minute rendition of their song Juliet. “Don’t be that guy” was also a favourite phrase within the band, possibly an inside joke amongst the boys and much to the amusement from the small crowd.

At their set, we also observed fingerprints of the band’s tour habits, as if evidences lying around a crime scene. “BRING TO BRIGHTON” was scribbled on masking tape on a guitar case, and most of the band member’s belongings were tagged with names and locations. It was thrilling not only to get up close and personal with the Lawson members, but also
to see the little things like guitar case stickers making up such a successful band.

Lawson’s latest self-titled EP is truly promising, with heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals that musically remains true to their pop roots. It retains the identity of any other Lawson project, but also creates a new larger-than-life sound with anthemic tracks like “Mountain” and “We Are Kings“.


Photo: Batrisyia for Popspoken

Having left Singapore, Lawson is currently in Australia to promote their new album, before kicking off a UK tour around their home region. With so much going on for the band, and armed with a promising self-titled EP, we can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Until next time, Lawson! x

Lawson’s latest self-titled album was released on 1 October 2015, and is now on sale everywhere. The album can be streamed here: http://on.rdio.com/1O9nNIH

Cover Photo: Rdio Asia  (@rdioasia)
Special thanks: Universal Music SG (@universalmusg)