It’s no secret that the upcoming Road to Ultra 2015 at the end of the week on 19th September is going to be a blast. For those of you who haven’t purchased tickets, you could do so here – otherwise you could be at the mercy of ticket scalpers who will raise the roof (and not in a good way) with their insanely exorbitant prices. Online ticket sales will close on 18th September.

The Road to Ultra serves as a prelude party to Miami’s annual Ultra Music Festival next year. With past Road to Ultra editions held in Bangkok, Columbia, Korea, and Taiwan, 2015 marks the first time that the festival will hit the Lion City’s shores. As this is one of the very first international major EDM festivals to land here, we feel the urge to present to you – the ultimate survival guide to Road to Ultra 2015!

#1. Remember to exchange your E-ticket for your Wristband

Before the festival starts on 19th September, you must change your E-ticket with the Marina Bay Sands counters on either 17th or 18th September. The counters will be open from 12 – 7pm, and you will need to present your E-ticket and a photo ID (one photo ID per ticket) in exchange for your wristbands.

Remember to do this step; otherwise you might not be able to get your wristbands on the actual event day itself!


#2. Dress Appropriately

Dressing is of utmost importance. The Road To Ultra isn’t akin to ZoukOut, so you can safely leave your bikinis and board shorts at home. Held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Road To Ultra is somewhat a classier affair – and we recommend you keep your dressing a cross between casual and dress to impress.

Keep it comfy – We wouldn’t want to restrict dancing, or in Skrillex’s case – headbanging – too much!


#3. Don’t bring unnecessary items

Road To Ultra has a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession, so revellers with a penchant for Molly or E – don’t even think about it. Only small clutch bags or clear plastic bags will be allowed in the concert hall, so remember not to bring overtly bulky items. As usual, no outside food and drinks will be allowed in and get this – no selfie sticks will be allowed in the premises. We thank you, organisers.


#4. Bring enough cash

Cash on hand is always a bane to a festivalgoer. They take up space in your wallet or purse, and there’s always the worry that a overly-festive reveler might pinch the money off you. However, remember to stack your wallet with those Yusof Ishaks, we wouldn’t want to run out of cash – and wait at those insanely long ATM queues.

If you’re feeling mighty spendthrift, there’s always the option of buying a Preimum GA ticket ($198), which allows you access to the stage front premium area, and access to a private bar.

If you’re high ballin’ it, you can choose to open a table for 15, 12, and 10 VVIP guests for $8,888, $6,888, and $4,888 respectively.


#5. Have good friends around

The main crux of music festivals is to have fun, and soak up the good sounds of the artists that are playing. Having friends around is a good thing. They help you carry your things, take your Instagram photos, save your spot when you need to go to the toilet, send you home if you get too hammered – okay, nevermind.

But take our word for it. Even if you go in alone, try to make friends in the moshpit and come out with a couple of buddies! A friend who raves is a friend indeed.


#6. Plan your Schedule

The Road to Ultra lasts from 8pm to 4am, so do remember to conserve energy and not be wasted when dubstep prodigy Skrillex comes on towards the end. Plan on the acts that you want to watch, whether be it actor-DJ Ansolo, Skrillex-signed OWSLA producer Mija, house giant Nicky Romero, prog-house producer Alesso, or the main man himself – Skrillex. If you can’t stand in the moshpit for 8 hours, go outside, stretch your legs, have a drink of water, and return back to catch your favourite acts.


Hence, we conclude the ultimate survival guide to the Road to Ultra 2015. Have fun on the 19th, hydrate yourselves, party all night, make friends, and most importantly, remember to say the ravers prayer. We’re out.

Road to Ultra 2015 is held at the Marina Bay Convention Centre on 19th September, from 8pm to 4am. Tickets can be purchased here.


Event Details:

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo And Convention Centre

Date: September 19th, Saturday, 8pm to 4am

Ticket Pricing: $168 (General Admission) and $198 (Premium General Admission)


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