Kick off the super-charged #SG50 weekend by singing along to your favourite National Day theme songs – all in less than 6 minutes! Produced almost entirely over the Internet, “The NDProject” is a mashup of 10 favourites from the past, such as “Stand Up For Singapore“, “We Will Get There“, and “Reach Out For The Skies“, featuring vocals from 7 local cover artists!

Created by the newly-formed collaboration group PAU Collective, “The NDProject” is accompanied by visuals shot by the core team – along with clips submitted by the public – which revolve around the topic “What Is The Most Singaporean Thing You See?“. The project aims to capture the spirit of the heartlander, with #relatable Singaporean sights like a rickety durian stall, middle-aged locals queueing at McDonald’s for Hello Kitty plush toys, and even sneak peeks of this year’s #SG50 National Day Parade at The Padang!

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But the impetus behind the collaboration is also a story in itself. The PAU Collective aims to complement the #supportlocal movement as a project-based initiative by empowering newer and emerging artists in Singapore. The collective is managed by Jovi Ho, Pan Zai’En, and Ng Sze Min, whose interests range from music arrangement to arts management. With “PAU” standing for “Present And Unsigned”, the trio aspire to collaborate with promising local artists in musical projects, giving them an opportunity to work beyond their usual content and context.

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With all three members of the core team below the age of 21, the PAU Collective largely operates over the Internet (understandably). Throughout the production process of The NDProject, all recordings and preparations were held entirely over email. Inspired by choral conductor and classical musician Eric Whitacre‘s Virtual Choir series, the collective believes that this mode of operation will enable them to feature an increasing number of talented artists in future projects.

This is #supportlocal in its purest form.


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