Last Wednesday night, nestled in Orchard Plaza, Boutique opened its doors for the New Zealand musician, Kimbra.

A face not unfamiliar to Singapore, Kimbra had last performed at Singapore’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in 2013. She appeared with collaborator Gotye onstage, rendering a performance that was instantly memorable, and easily registered as one of the standout points of the festival. However, not to be downplayed by past achievements, the songstress has since released her sophomore album in 2014 – titled The Golden Echo – and was here in Singapore to perform her very first solo gig.


Decked in a glittering, layered outfit, Kimbra opened her gig to a flurry of fans with her version of Disney’s Snow White’s “I’m Wishing”. The indie songstress, backed up by her four-man band, then delved into single “90s Music”. the first single off her new album. She then opted for an older tune, “Settle Down” – a MV currently teeming with 30 million views on YouTube. Judging from the response that was received from the crowd, it was clear that everyone present were big fans of Kimbra. The band was also given their time to show off their prowess. With musical lulls before the songs’ bridges, the music teetered on a fine line of audio artistry to frenetic and manic riffs.


Kimbra also invited homegrown talent, Charlie Lim, who had opened the show earlier, to a duet of tune “Two Way Street”. Kimbra’s kooky style of dancing seemed to have rubbed off the crowd, with revellers emulating the singer’s movements. “Goldmine”, the latest single off The Golden Echo, and was explained by Kimbra as a song of “finding one’s inner worth”. The crowd sang along to the tune, loudly proclaiming, “I’ve got a goldmine, it’s all mine, nobody can touch this gold of mine,” as beams of golden light panned across the room.


Finishing off the gig with “Come Into My Head”, the final tune was loaded with brazen energy sizzling off Kimbra and the band. The performers then left the stage to the crowd’s thunderous applause.

After minute or so of chanting for an encore, everyone’s efforts were paid off. Kimbra came back on to stage, where she played her last song, “As You Are”. The songstress confessed that the encore was not rehearsed at all and that the song might be a little “wet behind the ears”. However, she did not disappoint. Armed with a single keyboardist, Kimbra displayed her impressive vocal range as she gave an impromptu performance, which held the crowd in a captive state. With that, Kimbra thanked the crowd for the second time and proclaimed happily that they had fun performing in Singapore.

Text by Petrina Wee


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