In the working world, you would want nothing to do with the term “midnight shift”.

Step out of the office into kyō’s Midnight Shift and oh boy, its a whole different story altogether. The mid-year edition of Midnight Shift promises a doof-doof and untz-untz filled affair, featuring a line-up of Objekt, Puzzle and homegrown DJs dyzdnktn and Haan.

The likes of Objekt will ring bells – and copious bass drop variations, might we add – for fans of all forms of electronic music. It’s so much easier to go with what’s easy, but TJ Hertz’s crossover antics means his music is a concoction. Messy, yes, but it’s the good kind of messy. Who said house music had to be orderly?

Peter Puzzle (aka Puzzle) crafts his sound around an imaginative “futuristic utopia metropolis”, but something tells us he has taken the utopia part really seriously – it’s a utopian sonisphere of dubstep, techno and bass.


Local DJs dyzdnktn and Haan get in on the act as well – these emerging players in the local house scene will be warming up the night. Having Burrows on the visual decks pretty much sums up what one should expect from a Midnight Shift showcase, really – a round-up of emerging and established DJs and artists.

Event Details: Midnight Shift featuring Objekt
When: 25 July, 10pm – late
Where: kyō
RSVP for complimentary entry before 12.30am:

Header Image Credit: Kavan Spruyt for Midnight Shift

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