The appetite for this 5-piece acapella singing group from Arlington, Texas is simply insatiable. Having made waves in Singapore barely a year ago with THREE sold out concerts, Pentatonix is once again playing to a sold out Star Theatre. And oh, they won some award at this year’s Grammy. No biggie – they are now proud owners of the same number of Grammys as a certain Miss Britney Spears.

Screams starts, and <spoiler alert> it doesn’t really end

Well, not a total surprise here. Throngs of teenagers (it helps that the June holidays just kicked off) filled up the front half of the theatre and were screaming their lungs out at every opportunity.

Right on the dot at 8.00pm, the quintet graced Singapore with their royal acapella presence. Their amazing vocals dived right into Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and tore the theatre A-P-A-R-T. Given that they were just here 10 months ago, the setlist was about 50% similar. But who cares! They could sing me the phone book a million times over and I wouldn’t mind.

New additions to this year’s setlist included Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be“, a mashup of Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” and Rihanna’s “Four Five Seconds“, which really complemented every one of their vocals.

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The standout performance of the night has to be a Pentatonix original, On My Way Home. The 5000-strong crowd was rallied into waving their mobile phones with the flash on during this sweet serenade. In the words of Scott Hoying “If you don’t mind wasting your batteries, please help us create a room full of stars” OF COURSE SCOTT, ANYTHING FOR YOU.

On My Way Home

PLUS they managed to get the entire crowd to perform a 3-part harmony with them on the chorus. Now, is it time we all record an album together with Pentatonix?

Oh Scott and Avi

Let’s take a moment and marvel at the wonder bass known as Avi Kaplan. His gorgeous A1—G#4 range provided the quintet with strong support and he certainly made his presence felt and known. Not to mention, he has such an infectious and charming personality.

Being a bass singer myself in a choir (and having dabbled in Acapella singing) – it allowed me to appreciate the notes he could hit and with such precision and power. Not easy at all. Just listen to the video below and you will understand what I mean. #mancrush

Now, don’t get me started on Scott Hoying. I was slightly (pleasantly) surprised at how powerful his voice is. His suave baritone vocals captured the hearts of the huge teenage-girl crowd and definitely won me over. Scott effortlessly commanded the stage and owned his solos.

Even though there were several notes that Scott struggled to hit, overall, he brought his A-game, bringing the crowd to their feet.

If you can’t get enough of Pentatonix (well, I definitely can’t), HRH Scott and Mitch have their own little Youtube channel, SUPERFRUIT, where they upload a new video every Tuesday! I promise you WILL be entertained. (;

Love is in the air

Throughout the show, Singapore professed our love for Pentatonix and, thankfully, the feeling was mutual. Shouts of  “I Love You” rang out constantly during their 90-minute set. Kevin even acknowledged our love proclamations with “我爱你”, only to elicit even more screams from the 5000-strong audience.

For most part of the 90-minute performance, Pentatonix was almost pitch perfect. With an average age of just 23.6, they are still relatively young. I’m pretty sure over the next couple of years, their voices will mature and grow stronger and establish themselves as THE acapella group.

Now, all I want is for Pentatonix to be On Their Way Home and back into the studio and be making sweet music with their immaculate vocal cords.

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