Alright, Swifties. You’re probably all fired up from this morning’s huge announcement, so why not take your fangirl/fanboy dreams a step further? Now we all know Cornetto makes really great ice cream cones, but did you know that they’re playing a huge part in November’s #1989TourSingapore as well?


If you look reeeally closely, that’s the Cornetto logo in the middle next to Keds.

That’s right! Cornetto is teaming up with global superstar Taylor Swift as an official sponsor of “The 1989 World Tour” in Singapore! And because Singapore’s weather just leaves us craving for frozen confections (the processed sugar is a bonus), here’s a closer look at the new ice cream cone:


Hey now, hey now, this is what dreeeams are made of.

With a name as indulgent as the “Cornetto Taylor Swift Caramel Shake“, this new cone just bathes in its own self-importance. It’s promised to be “an irresistible combination of caramel, chocolate, and nuts”, from the chocolate-tipped waffle cone to the “golden-brown caramel rosettes and crunchy peanuts”, all “matched perfectly with rich and velvety chocolate sauce”. All this sounds kinda like a 50SOG quote quite heavenly, in my opinion.


But here’s the clincher: The cone comes in “specially-designed Taylor Swift packaging”, which includes a code eligible for point redemption, giving fans (that’s you guys) an opportunity to win premium seats at #1989TourSingapore! On top of that, redeem your points for exclusive Cornetto merchandise such as “1989”-themed drawstring Bags, an autographed copy of “1989”, Cornetto instant cameras, co-branded T-shirts, and a lot more!

How to win? Do stay tuned to Cornetto’s official Facebook page here for more details coming real soon!


The Cornetto Royale Taylor Swift Caramel Shake will be sold at all major convenience stores, petrol marts, and mini-marts from 1 August 2015 at the recommended selling price of S$2.40.


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