Mad props to our friends at Bandwagon Singapore for their latest edition of the Bandwagon Festival Bus, following two majorly successful rides to Urbanscapes Festival 2014 (Genting Highlands) and Wanderland Festival 2015 (Philippines).

This time, the party starts on the bus.

For the first time, the Bandwagon to iLuminate features an impressive line up of DJs from Singapore and the region, with an invite-only overnight bus ride to Genting Highlands to catch iLuminate, a dance crew from New York.

There were two tour buses, split into AC and DC (ha, we see what you did there) both decorated meticulously with UV lights and a massive bass speaker at the back. Each AC / DC bus had a “bus captain”, and DJs set to electrify the 9-hour trips to and from Resorts World Genting.

From forming raggae names to freestyle rapping with the live music, our bus captain MASIA ONE rocked the Bandwagon DC bus. Her witty jokes and unapologetic style gave away her Hawaiian origin, making sure to entertain the road trippers at every moment.

Expectedly, the featured DJs stole the show at Bandwagon to iLuminate. The total of eight impressive and highly demanded electronic musicians took turns to play on both buses to and fro Genting Highlands.

ATTAGIRL! features A/K/ADuriO and Jaydah, who each had distinctive tunes which revolved around house, futuristic jungle and footwork. Since ATTAGIRL! is a club-night and community initiative aimed at bringing girls together in art & music, you’d expect that their set for us at Bandwagon to iLuminate set off creative and pretty vibes that got us grooving through the night. Think: Disclosure x Hannah Wants.

Since graduating from the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp, CATSONCRACK has been spreading her gospel of good vibes for reputable brands and everyone’s favourite parties, including events at After Dark and Tanjong Beach Club. Having played at ZoukOut in 2012, it’s no surprise that her set on the Bandwagon bus perked our (cat) ears.

Daryl Chan simply got the bus moving during his set of house, funk and soul electronic music. A believer of music being transcendent of all barriers, we found ourselves letting our hair down and enjoying his intriguing mixes, making the otherwise boring ride through the night plains of Malaysia a head-nodding and foot-tapping one.

You’ll notice FAUXE from afar, thanks to his unassuming yet iconic mask as if he just stepped out of a masquerade ball. He is a man of a few words: “nothingmuchtobesaid. nothingmuchtobeseen. nothingbutonlymusic.”

FZPZ may seem like your boy-next-door, but wait till you listen to his bass heavy synth elements. We were at the edge of our seats, half trying to get further from the exploding speakers, half trying to get nearer to the etherealness of vibes exudes by FZPZ at the front.

The number of genres that Reiki plays is probably more than you knew existed. Her style of DJing is the result of a wide gamut of musical genres in her sets, making her one of the more eye-opening DJs on the Bandwagon bus.

Rounds of chilled beers by Heineken and yummy matcha ice-cream by Cornetto were passed around the bus, a sugar rush clearly compatible with the electrifying vibes emitting from the Bandwagon bus.

Upon reaching First World Hotel, we quickly checked into our rooms and slept through breakfast to catch up on our much-needed shuteye. Lunch was catered for by the hotel, and had the rest of the day to R&R before we found ourselves entering the concert venue that night for main agenda of the trip: iLuminate.

Best known for their participation in America’s Got Talent and their quirky dabbling in digital art and culture, iLuminate is a dance crew from New York currently residing in and performing at Resorts World Genting until 28 June 2015.

Their hour-long set was impressive and entertaining, strategically using the nature of their pitch-black environment to create illusions and shocking visuals that wow-ed each audience member. We even got to have an after-party with the dance crew themselves, which was incredible.

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The ride back to Singapore the next morning was slightly different, because now the scenery of Malaysia were evident under the sunlight. We even caught a glimpse of KL’s twin towers. Laced with non-stop electronic dance music, the road trip back to Singapore through Malaysia definitely felt like we were living a music video.

Thanks to the team at Bandwagon for their hard work and tedious planning, the third edition of Bandwagon Festival Bus was a blast. Until next time, party road trippers!

All Photos: Bandwagon Singapore
Special Thanks: Clarence, Jasmine and Liane from Bandwagon