Mention “Adele” in a conversation and the people at Billboard might still wet their pants. It’s been two whole years since the Queen of England (pop-wise) last ruled the charts, with the smash hit “Rolling In The Deep” (yeah, remember that one?) making itself very comfortable on the Hot 100 singles chart for a whopping 65 weeks. Billboard practically bent over backwards to pay their respects to the humble singer-songwriter, naming her their “Artist Of The Year” for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012. In all, 30 million copies of the iconic album “21” have been snapped up around the globe. That’s about five copies for every person living in Singapore. Yup.

It’s definitely terrifying to release a follow-up after an album has earned so much praise. Most sensible, high-maintenance popstars would take the easy way out by making a career switch to film or just keep their Instagram page pretty for the rest of their lives. But Adele is no sensible, high-maintenance popstar. She is a QUEEN. Though her tweaser (tweet-teaser) about a possible album named “25” didn’t materialise last year, it’s not foolish to believe that 2015 is the year that album number three is unleashed on the world.

So before the Cockney-slinging songstress storms her way back into everyone’s iPod this year, let’s take a look back at who’s on her iPod (it’s probably gold-plated).
In standard Adele fashion, the singer is intensely private even on her most public platform: Twitter. With a grand total of just 216 tweets (half of which were from her management anyway; she only started tweeting in December 2011), Delly isn’t exactly the most talkative celeb online.
But when she does tweet, it’s usually not about her! Adele has the very unassuming habit of praising other artists’ works over Twitter, and not just her contemporaries. We’re just picturing her bouncing Angelo (her toddler son… who we ship with Blue Ivy) on one knee while chilling out with Spotify over a cup of tea. So get your earpieces ready – here are ALL the artists that Adele has tweeted about!


1) Emeli Sandé

Fun fact: Emeli is her middle name. Her first name is… Adele. It’s been too long since her masterpiece of a debut album “Our Version Of Events“, but sources claim that we can expect her second album sometime this year!


2) Kat Graham

Almost the last track you would expect Adele to be dancing to in her living room, but here it is.


3) Coldplay

Okay so it’s not really a track but the paparazzi’s revealed that Adele’s a huge concertgoer (I mean you would too, if you had that much moolah).


4) Frank Ocean

Channel Orange” really was amazing, tbh. /casually ignores the “your” because IF ADELE IS USING “YOUR” THEN I’M USING “YOUR”/


5) Ella Henderson

Queen A demonstrates her clairvoyance publicly for the first time. Ella may have finished in 6th place that season but winner James Arthur effectively ended his own career with his shady shit-stirring. Bonus: Ella’s debut single “Ghost” (yeah the one about “going to the river to pray”) was a UK #1. Ta-da!


6) Chris Malinchak

The über-chill track has more hits on Majestic Casual than on its official music video. Watch it here.


7) Patti Smith

A simple yet inspirational message for all budding artists/humans in general by one of the pioneers of the punk rock movement in the 70’s.


8) The Civil Wars

The album in question is their self-titled sophomore compilation “The Civil Wars“. Too bad they broke up last year.


9) Lady Gaga

Mother Monster and literal mother of one? YAAAS. This was right after Adele attended Gaga’s London gig as part of the iTunes Festival that year.


10) Tinie Tempah

Just patiently waiting for the day Tinie Tempah makes it big in the US. Is his signature sneer holding him back? Ye-aaaaaa-h!


11) Sam Smith

Is it safe to say that Adele discovered him when his repertoire was just “La La La” and “Latch“? Anyway, here’s us talking about him before he blew up globally. /helps self to some indie cred/


12) Lily Allen

Remember how Lily dedicated an entire video to calling out Robin Thicke for his trainwreck “Blurred Lines“? Good times.  


13) Route 94 & Jess Glynne

 Watch the warm video here.


14) Mapei

The Swedish-American musician was lucky enough to receive Her blessings, along with YouTube personality Tyler Oakley‘s! Watch the video for “Don’t Waithere!  


15) Dornik

Do you realise how indie artists’ names almost always sound like Pokémon?  


16) Paolo Nutini

I would quite literally give up my firstborn to be able to sing like that.


17) Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith is in a class of her own. Period.


18) Example

It’s really not that hard to imagine them collaborating on a track so…  


19) Tobias Jesso Jr.

The latest soul to be touched by Queen A is an understated artist much like Herself, but with a #throwback filter thrown in. Check out Tobias’ upcoming album “Goonhere!