We’ve all been there. It’s that point in time during a standing concert where the clueless go “OMG, why are you pushing?!” and the more experienced young punks go all out to take the stage (quite literally). Some of us might have even broken bones or landed in a wheelchair because of it.

Yes, we’re talking about moshing.

Moshing is a style of dance where participants push or slam into each other at live concerts. It is usually associated with “aggressive” music genres, such as hardcore punk and heavy metal.

So here is the golden question: How can we have a blast in the mosh pit while staying considerate to everyone around?

Reviewing last night’s Yellowcard – Back In Singapore concert, Popspoken came up with three important unspoken rules and best practices for all moshers at rock shows.

1. Look out for each other.


Family photo! Taken from Yellowcard’s official Instagram (@Yellowcardrock).

Rock concert kids are definitely there for a wild time, but it is not pretty when there is blood involved. Give some space to those who need to maneuver their way across the crowd, and make sure you help your fellow rockers up if they fall.

Slam as much as you like, but do not reduce the people around you to punching bags! Be considerate to your similar-genre friends and simply play by ear to make sure everyone has a great time while keeping safe.

2. Pick up (important) loose items from the floor and pass it on.


Put your \m/ in the air! Photo by Zai Navorski

Following a chain of events where Singaporean students have been seen studying in mosh pits, we’re not that surprised to find an O-level calculator among the crowd last night in between songs at Yellowcard’s concert. Along with it was found an asthma inhaler – definitely things we wouldn’t want to lose.

Just as you wouldn’t like your lost items to be trampled on by a wild crowd, pick up the items and ask around for the owner. Also, since we’re all a moshing family, do away with the “finders keepers” mentality and pass on the item until it “floats” to the owner.

Fun fact: There was one time I overheard a guy yell “I lost my girlfriend!” followed by an eruption of laughter from everyone around him. Sorry bro, can’t help you there.

3. When crowd-surfing, stay away from the barricades.


Louis Foo (you probably know him) hanging with security at Baybeats Festival. Photo by Syazwan Kamsani

At last night’s Yellowcard concert, Ryan Key (lead singer) wrapped up the show quite angrily saying “Sorry, I was distracted by the security guard punching some kid in the face. Are you alright?”

Moral of the story: Do not piss off the security guards, they’re really just doing their job to keep people away from the stage. Although the security personnel last night could definitely afford to be less aggressive?!

If you want to crowd-surf, make sure you are going into the direction away from the stage, otherwise you may run a risk of being pulled out of the crowd altogether by security.


Popspoken writer Sheryl Teo interviews the guys from Yellowcard!

Do you have any crazy, ridiculous memories from the mosh pit? Share it with us at the comment section below!

Personally, my most memorable moshing moment was at Fall Out Boy’s concert in Singapore last year. There was a middle-aged man in front of me who kept shrieking “Stop pushing!” with a terrified facial expression, kinda like Ariana Grande’s face at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014, except the shock was ten times more intense. Talk about fish out of water!

Also, drum roll please… Here is the exclusive interview by Popspoken with Yellowcard that everyone has been talking about! (#PSforYC)


Special Thanks: Anthology (Promoter), The Linch Agency (Music Marketing & PR), Zai Navorski (Videographer)

Photos: Sheryl Teo for Popspoken (unless otherwise stated)