The moment the last of the qualifying races ended, the drizzling began. It began with an innocuous drop of water, yet the sky was relentless, and soon it was a 2 hour long pitter-patter of emotional outpouring from the skies.

Day 2 of the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix saw English crooner Robbie Williams taking advantage of the situation, and rallied his fans to continue singing to tunes such as Millenium, Rock DJ, and got the crowd chiming to the rendition of Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind by his backup singer.

With his boyish charm, he led the crowd down memory lane, seamlessly stringing familiar, well-loved tunes together. When the rain continued to beat down on him, he wiped the droplets of his face and positively chimed “I’m not expecting your sympathy, Singapore“.

The rain was inconsequential for most of the concert-goers who continued to buy beer fresh off the tap. Making most of the situation, plenty engaged in uplifting rain dances.

The only lament Robbie had throughout the concert, was that he couldn’t give his all to the concert-goers: “There were some sweet dance moves that I wanted to show you, but it’s been too slippery.” 

Lucky for those who stayed till the end, and were not bummed out by the rain – his nimble feet did some swishing in the rain water, and he got the crowd singing to Angels.

Day 3 of the Singapore Grand Prix continues today, with Jennifer Lopez and John Legend ending off the festivities with a bang. This year’s night race will feature the most comprehensive entertainment line-up thus far, with 49 acts from 20 countries spanning across 9 stages.