We don’t get as much folk or country music in our local original scene as much as your rock and indie outfits, so it’s always exciting when they do emerge with new material. Last year’s notable offering was Pitch Feather’s album Mountains and Tides (which you have to check out if you haven’t already), and this year we’ve got Amanda Tee‘s second EP, Amnesiac.

According to her, this EP represents another one of Amanda’s rebel streaks: on top of being a leftie, an upside-down guitarist and exhibiting most qualities of a middle child, she’s also gone against the grain and stuck with ‘that 90’s sound’. You can hear hints of Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell, Anais Mitchell, Jason Mraz and many other folk influences from the EP, but with her own signature style of bringing them all out.


We saw that the TODAY paper gave her EP 4.5 stars out of 5, and decided we needed to check it out as well. Let’s go straight into the songs – we’re going to try and give a descriptive one-liner for every song!

1. Amnesia – The first track which aptly starts with the words “I wake up” and moves on into an energetic ensemble of percussive instruments. Perfect music to cook breakfast and groove along to.

2. Hold That Thought – Country fans, this is the song you want to listen to. We’ve got the slide guitar, the brush drums and the country backup vocals on this one, and surprisingly they all come together nicely.

3. The Only Captain of the Ship – That’s a long title. We’ve sort of managed to figure it out though: the music really does sound like a ship swaying from side to side, and we believe it’s a breakup song. Emo song alert!

4. I Can Feel You There – The first single off the EP. This is probably one of the more upbeat tracks, with an interesting duo-vocal thing going on.

5. The Cat – Crazy song. We’ve got the guitar going at odd time signatures, and the lyrics… well, if you aren’t taking a breakup well, this would be your theme song!

6. Sleep – Another one with that country feel, though on a more relaxed note. We likey.

7. Jackie’s Lament – Very melancholy track, featuring melodic twelve-string guitar riffs and cool cello lines!

All in all, our expectations were pretty much blown away with Amnesiac, especially since it was such a great improvement in audio quality from Amanda Tee’s previous EP in 2011, Take It or Leave It.

Our rating for Amnesiac? It’s definitely 4 stars out of 5!

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She’s got one more show on her official tour for the EP at Timbre @ The Substation, but we’ve heard that she’ll be playing for the upcoming Singapore Writer’s Festival too! You can follow her on the social media platforms links below to keep updated, and of course check her music out on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Bandcamp.

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