Hilary Duff. If you were experiencing childhood or adolescence in the naughties, you know exactly who I’m talking about. Powerhouse Disney product Duff was the spokesperson for countless amazing disney channel original movies, as well as boasting a (semi) impressive music career to compliment. During the time when every pop star was manufactured, Hilary Duff was concocted in the potions lab of Disney’s headquarters- designed to pierce the lives of millions of tweens and teens alike, across the globe for total world domination. Success followed, of course.

In honour of the TRUE disney queen returning to her rightful pop throne when she debuts her newest single on July 24th, we’ve decided to compile a list of the most beautiful things Miss. Duff has created over her decade of working in the entertainment industry. We could go on, and on about how fabulous Hilary Duff is- but her repertoire speaks for itself.

10.  Her spectacular performance in “Raise Your Voice” 

Hilary Duff took her acting career very seriously. Music was more of a byproduct of the original industry she found herself in, and during the latter end of her teens she snagged a role in a movie called “Raise Your Voice” and it was probably the most controversial thing she had done, up until that time. Of course, it wasn’t really controversial. She still had platinum blonde hair with bangs & wore shiny pink lip gloss all the time- but she also wore black. And lied to her dad about going to music college. This is very rebellious for Hilary Duff. Her management really knew how to cross promote the star, as her single “Someone’s Watching Over Me” from her latest album coincidentally made a cameo appearance in the climax of the film. 30  9. Her puppy love romance with Aaron Carter, & semi-feud with LiLo 

After appearing on the television masterpiece that was “Lizzie McGuire” Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff entered an extremely intense, and serious relationship. Not really though. The media blew it all out of proportion, and the young teen stars were on the cover of every magazine. “Aaron Carter wants Hilary Duff’s candy!” now wouldn’t that have made a fantastic headline? We kid, they were only children after all. Rumour has it that another budding child star on the rise with rival network Nickelodeon the (now) infamous Lindsay Lohan, also wanted a piece of Aaron Carter’s candy. Which led to a feud, obvi. But Lilo cleared it all up, after a video clip of her singing along to Hilary’s song ” Come Clean” made its way around the TV stations. Keep in mind, YouTube didn’t exist back then. xCsxePPxwWql   8. Her “edgy” phase

When Hilary Duff entered that awkward stage in the music industry where talent had become a prerequisite, and angsty bad girl stuff was super popular (see: Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”) her management team came to a dead end with Hilary’s previously squeaky clean image. A role in an indie movie confused her audience, and her next album did too. “Dignity” was a strange concoction of electro-pop anthems, only…..sung by the wrong human. Hilary Duff will never be edgy. It’s not in her. She’s the all American girl next door, not Amy Winehouse. However, her valiant efforts to become a badass (dying her hair brown & wearing heels on stage) are to be commended. And “With Love” is still an anthem. hilary-duff-with-love-album-art   7. Cross market endeavours 

Hilary Duff. Did. Everything. Not kidding! Hilary dabbled in so many different ways to extend her brand, and it’s really quite impressive. She started with acting, progressed to singing and tried almost everything in between. Two clothing lines, a fragrance & three novels later- she has definitely proved that her brand withstands one method of production. There’s something to be respected about a strong woman who knows how to stretch herself thinly enough to get that cash money while pursuing a variety of interests. ????????????????????

6. This iconic (but, kinda invasive) paparazzi shot 

It’s hard to believe that this picture is anything other than exactly what it looks like. Hilary Duff, pleasuring her boyfriend. Did this photo hit international news stations? Nope. Has Hilary Duff been slut shamed, or outcast because of it? Absolutely not. She did her thing with no shame, and got away with it. QUEEN.


5. Her early naughties outfits

Let’s all be real for a hot second- nobody had any style in the early 2000’s. It seems like all the celebrities around that time were dressed by the same, blind stylist who couldn’t keep their hands away from denim. Hilary’s were definitely some of the best. It’s fun to look back on how absurd 99% of the outfits were….but a little scary too, because at one point we all thought they looked good. Cringe!

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4. Her debut album Metamorphosis

After trying out singing on her hit TV show Lizzie McGuire (more on THAT later) Hilary decided to try her hand at a full fledged music career, beginning with her hit album Metamorphosis. How can we forget the awe inspiring, life changing lyrics from So Yesterday such as “if the light is off, then it isn’t on” or the genius phrase from The Math “if you can’t do The Math, then get out of the equation.” Hilary brought literally 0% teenage angst, and 100% adorbz try-hard attitude that doesn’t ever get on your nerves. Plus….it went to #2 on it’s first week of sales, and then bumped up to #1! What?!? Only Hilary.


3. Her black extensions 

Nothing much needs to be elaborated on here…….she tried to be Avril Lavigne, and it didn’t quite work out. But it was still a historically important moment.


2. Lizzie McGuire

Hilary could literally venture to the moon, and it still wouldn’t be better than Lizzie McGuire on Disney channel. The geniuses that put that TV Show together should be awarded with a nobel prize. Hilary brought charisma, charm & fabulousness to one of the best children’s TV shows of all time. Lizzie McGuire had cross market appeal- anyone could enjoy it. There was something in that wondrous sitcom for everyone. Be it sage words of advice from her parents, annoying pranks from her brother, or profound monologues from “Lizzie” herself- the show defined so many childhoods. And adulthoods.


1. Lizzie McGuire… THE MOVIE 

Okay. Yes. I saved it for the #1 spot. Lizzie McGuire: the movie. After graduating 8th grade (so American) Lizzie ventures off to Rome with her classmates, where she falls in love with an Italian pop star and coincidentally looks exactly like his counterpart-nightingale girlfriend. So naturally, she fills her shoes and pretends to be her while performing at the colosseum. Plausible, no?  Regardless of believability, it’s impossible to dislike the Lizzie McGuire movie. When she sings “What Dreams Are Made Of” I want to cry. Every single time. It’s so amazing.


And there you have it friends. Our top 10 Hilary Duff moments before she comes back to slay us all with her new single on July 24th. We’re ready.