Good afternoon. For those of you who were lucky enough to attend the first night of Taylor Swifts RED tour, you’ve probably only just woke up. Just to jog your addled (not hungover.. it’s a PG13 concert) minds a bit, and to give those who have YET to attend one of her shows a glimpse of the magic, we’ve put together a small compilation of stuff that YOU GUYS have made!

That’s right! I’m referring to the many, many tweets and Instagram posts sent out from the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night. By tracking the hashtag #REDTOURSG, here are some of the BEST social media posts about last night’s enchanting set.

A quick shot of the empty Indoor Stadium, mere minutes before the crowds thronged in:

Now let’s start off with some HQ images of some of her outfits:

A few of the costumes she wore throughout the night, out of the 7 outfits in total!

Why you gotta be so “Mean”, Taylor? Looking THAT good onstage should be illegal!

A piece of juicy info about Taylor’s mother. We actually managed to meet Mama Swift backstage (she was our tour guide) under the #CornettoREDTour passes and she is literally the nicest woman ever.

That shirt reads “I LOVE SINGAPORE” in glittery font!

Fangirls reacting to said shirt:

Here’s Taylor at the piano:

Of course, the MASSIVE throwback feels when she performed her breakout hit “Love Story”.

Encore number “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” got the whole crowd SCREAMING.

Ultra-exclusive shots at Club RED, the official invite-only afterparty hosted by Taylor herself!

Even Taylor herself took to Instagram to thank fans for coming! /sulks in a corner because she didn’t like MY photos/

And to round things up, here’s a RIDICULOUSLY high-quality video of her intimate rendition of “Teardrops On My Guitar”:

For those going on the 12th: AREN’T YOU EXCITED NOW?!

Be sure to also check out our Instagram page for exclusive images (taken by yours truly) taken from the mosh pit!


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Taylor Swift’s RED Tour – Singapore
Nicky Loh (Nicky Loh/TAS, Contributor)
Credit: Getty Images for TAS