Months after our article on the 22-year-old UK sensation, we still can’t get over his talent! As predicted, his performance on Saturday Night Live on the 29th of March got the whole world “askin how he does that“. Overnight, America became IN LOVE with this guy; they just couldn’t get enough!


With the release of his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ now complete worldwide, Sam Smith‘s prophesied ascension to A-list stardom has been fulfilled. But here at Popspoken, we do our best to make our readers feel special, out of the ordinary, like they’re bursting with hipster cred (I’m not kidding… If you took our first Sam Smith article as seriously as we did you’d be SWIMMING in indie points by now). So here are FOUR THINGS that most people don’t know about the “Stay With Me”-hitmaker that you can use to impress your friends!


1) He’s A Diva… in the making

Quoting Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and the late Amy Winehouse as his musical influences, there’s no doubt this soul star has set his dreams high since he was a child.

Watch him profess his love for these stunning musical icons, along with his Good Morning America performance, here:

2) He’s Cuzzies With Lily Allen

Okay so technically they’re third cousins. But that’s still pretty cool, huh? He’s also third cuzzies with her younger brother, “Game Of Thrones” star Alfie Allen! I bet he’s somehow linked to the Royal family as well, but that’s news for another day.


3) Adele & Sam May Secretly Be Chums – DUET ALERT

The homegrown UK background, the emotive, soulful crooning, and humble, down-to-earth persona has made many dub Sam Smith as the “male Adele”. Interestingly, these two artists may have interacted more than you think!

Queen A. was probably one of the first to back Sam’s talent, and while she rarely tweets (we mean, like, once a month), she gave him the ultimate Twitter promo last year by sending this out to her 20 million followers:

Sam then graciously replied, knowing full well that the Queen had just informally commissioned his inevitable rise to fame:

And while Sam is the sort who would tweet song lyrics at 3am, these lines of poetry that he sent out just yesterday got a lot of people excited (mostly me):

These lyrics just happen to be from Adele’s first album, the jazzy, rhythmic little number “My Same”.

Now, as rabid fans we need to take this seriously because we have to consider the global meltdown that would ensue from an Adele/Sam Smith collaboration. Who would produce the hit? What would the music video look like?! Would Billboard even MATTER anymore considering how it would stay on the charts FOREVER?!

4) He Probably Isn’t Chummy With Lana Del Rey At The Moment

But even the many impressive accolades accorded to Sam could not defeat the clout enjoyed by Ms. Lana Del Rey. While both albums debuted together, the sadcore crooner’s sophomore multi-label record “Ultraviolence” robbed Sam of his No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart.


It’s quite alright. There’s always next week to get that best-seller position, Sam!


Now that you’re aware of all these small quirks about our current favourite Brit, aren’t you just ITCHING to keep your copy of “In The Lonely Hour” on repeat while you cry over love lost? “But I don’t have a copy of his album :(“, you say? Well no worries, because we’ve got a copy of Sam Smith’s debut album “In The Lonely Hour”, courtesy of Universal Music Singapore, “reserved” just for you! Yes, here’s the part where you can win something, so pay attention.

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