Up-and-coming bands are always a delight to watch.

There is the delight of knowing that you have a nascent fanbase that is not made up of just friends or family, yet this is tempered by a lack of the sort of ego that encourages chucking televisions out of hotel windows. You get all the good parts of being confident, and none of the posturing and showboating.

Surrounded by the neon lit film-set bar that is the Mosaic “Club”, Alpine delighted with a tight set and a honest, enthusiastic and energetic performance.

BFFs Baker and James pranced and danced about on stage in their ever present jumpsuits, delivering that harmonies that wash over you like cool mountain air, tempered by Tucker’s waterproof percussion and essential bass and guitars by Lamb and Royall. Pop has never sounded so promising, no matter how alternative.

The band exhausted a sizable portion of their entire repertoire of songs from their debut full length A is for Alpine in a 50 minute set, including favorites Gasoline and Villages.

Only gripe? Write more stuff and play longer sets. Pretty please?

Photos: Alvin Ho