Cubicle dwellers are a tough lot. They endure harsh fluorescent lights, carpal tunnel and underworked posteriors. It takes serious mojo and rhythm to get them to leave their egronomic office chairs and start dancing

While not exactly “hip” or groundbreaking (the hall was thankfully short on hipsters), the show was fun, loads and loads of fun. Which is more than I can say for than most bands twice as hyped.

Starting slowly with Steal the Light from their similarly titled album, The Cat Empire soon exploded into an infectious mardi gras of genre-hopping beats. Moving effortlessly from Ska (Still Young/Chariot) to Latin (How To Explain/In My Pocket) then all that jazz, ending their more-than adequate encore with a not a bang but a whisper, carrying us into the rest of the night with the ironically subdued All Night Loud.

The octet combined pop sensibilities and technical skills to keep things catchy and yet theatrical — keeping everyone sweaty and engaged as frontmen Reibl and Angus each played off their respective strengths like the many McCartney-Lennons before them.

Yes the prodigiously-bellied 50 year old man 2 seats down might be dancing in a hilarious fashion, but I am too young and cool to be seen enjoying myself. So try not to notice my tapping feet.


Steal The Light
How To Explain
Lost Song
Two Shoes
Still Young
Brighter Than Gold
Wine Song
Sly (Keys/Drums)
All Night Loud

Picture credits: Hoong Wei Long