Hey guys! It’s Pleasantry!

Looking back at the very first time we caught Pleasantry’s collaboration with Fauxe, it really brings back so many great memories. It was no surprise we were immediately smitten with their oh so pleasant sounds. Months after catching them play another kick ass set at Night Fest last year, the band has not only finally released a second EP titled Inhabit but also acquired a new member to their already stellar lineup, Haziq from ANECHOIS.

We catch up with Daniaal and Adel on their initial struggle as a new band, their take on the support we have in the local scene and their future plans for the band.

How did the band form? What are the struggles that y’all had to go through to form the band.

We were all playing in different bands prior to Pleasantry and ended becoming good friends after we got acquainted through music. I think the struggles we went through are no different from any aspiring young band in Singapore. Having to juggle school,work and being in other bands. Also the fact that half of the band live on the opposite ends of the country which makes meeting up and writing music super expensive (because of the cab fares) and a pain.

Tell us a little bit more about yourselves (i.e. share with us your other hobbies, interesting snippet(s) about your lives, is everyone else in the band (besides Daniaal) juggling a job or are ya’ll making music out of passion?)

Dan: I’m a bit of a music nut!  I’m a music marketer by day and most of the time drummer by night and sitting on the drum throne and being able to bang away on the drums is how i relieve my accumulated stress from the week. I plan to make a career out of music some way or another whether it’s by playing in a band or working in a record label.

Adel: I’m pursuing my degree in music business in Chicago now so you can say that I’m heading towards the direction where music will be a full-time thing for me in every aspect.

How did the name “Pleasantry” come about?

We were cracking our heads as to what to name the band at the stage of its inception. We were going along the lines of wanting it to sound pleasant because of the music we planned to write at that time. So i think ‘Pleasantry’ was a no brainer.

Do y’all think there is enough support for local music? If no, what more can be done?

Dan: At this point in time, we feel that support local music has been getting over the past few years have been tremendous. You are starting to see an increasing number of bands getting grants to go on tour and cut records which is a fantastic sign of the times. It’s up to us now to push on with the support we are getting and show the world the talent we have on our shores.

Adel: There is only so much support a band can get from a small city like Singapore. You can’t expect the average person in Singapore to “support” local music because there are obviously other things that might be of more importance to them. I think what more can be done is for bands to be more proactive and look for opportunities, rather than wait for them to fall on their laps.

If there were someone you could resurrect from the dead, who would it be and why.

Dan: Freddy Mercury because the world deserves to hear more of his genius.

Adel: Kurt Cobain because Foo Fighters probably wouldn’t have existed if he were still alive.

Choose a word / phrase to describe the sound of Pleasantry. 


What is the trajectory of Pleasantry in 5 years?

Dan: Ideally, we would love to be a full time touring band by then. We must admit that we are all dreamers and there’s nothing more that excites us than having the opportunity to be on the road and carving out lasting memories with each other.

Adel: Hopefully by then, we would all have no day jobs and would be working for ourselves just making music, cutting records and going on tours every now and then, and still living with our parents.

EP and Merch sold at: www.pleasantry.bandcamp.com/merch
Twitter and Instagram: @pleasantrymusic
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Interview by Skii Chung

Image credit: Ashraf Muhammad